tim ferris+100 DS+my own advice/secrets for a good life

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    The main and best books on self-improvement skills right now are "tools of titans",by tim ferris,and "the 4 hour body,"the the same guy,plus 100 deadly skill,by a former marine.
    psycho-cybernetics is less do it yourself,it just explains how things are but doesnt explain how to arrive there.
    Now ill share my advice,it probably has been said before,but im listing it all together
    )cold showers. Gets you out of your comfort zone,boosts fat-loss,test will power
    )Fasting. i have a big article on fasting but its in spanish. Basically less food=more brain. check out dr nun amen-ra,the best modern guy on fasting
    )coin-catching. An old boxing excercise;throw coins and catch them with the same hand. useful for jabs,but also for mind,it makes you think faster(maths,debates,etc)
    a yoga technique from India,you have to stare at a point without blinking. this may seem anti-nature but it will improve
    your concentration and mind-power. practice it daily and troughout the day,you will develop a sharp mind a quick wit.
    Closely tied to nose-breathing.
    Mewing means putting the tounghe in the palate while you nose-breath.Also called orthotropics,
    lookism exists and its bad, a plague. But its not going away anytime soon you might as well
    brace for it and take advantage.
    within a few months youll see changes in the jaw,further and youll see changes in the cheeks.
    its not just genetics so dont trust those who say it is!

    Fitness advice;skip-rope jumping, !train the neck!,and train the grip/fore-arm.
    This is what ive learned and still trying to apply daily,a 3-year journey of self improvement.
    for sleep I suggest 10pm to 4am,an ancient aryan hindu practice. Try to learn lucid dream if youre confident you wont use it for lucid dream sex.
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    That's first time I have heard about neck training. How to start them as a complete beginner? Thanks for your great post.
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    neck loungues with a 5 kilos disk.
    progress the high reps rather than heavier disk,also when youre stronger do wrestlers bridge.
    a thick neck will make you look manlier.
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    Does mewing actually work? Have you found a YouTube video that actually shows how to do it properly?

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