Time for a User Experience survey! Please consider setting aside 10 minutes to take it :)

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  1. If you haven't taken the user experience survey, please help us out. We're trying to get as large of a sample as possible. Thanks :)

    From the blog (click here to see original):

    NoFap’s 2015 user experience surveys are now available. If you would like to help us improve NoFap to better serve you and others around the world, please take 7-15 minutes to provide us with your valuable feedback. Doing so will help us better understand how to make NoFap even better.

    While not all data will be publically released for this survey, certain statistics gathered from the survey will be made available to the community. All feedback will be used for the purposes of improving the website.

    Providing any personal information is optional in this survey. You can take it completely anonymously. If you do share any personal information such as your email address (which again is optional), it will only be used to contact you for the reasons specified in the survey. We do not share our user’s data with any other party and take user privacy very seriously.

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