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    Hello everyone,

    its been a long time that i struggle with my addiction to PMO and online video games, around 5 years ago i tried to take control over my behaviors and i was doing well, till the pandemic arrives and i stayed at home feeling the "freedom" of not having to go outside next day.

    So... old bad habits come back, i started to spend more time doing PMO and online video games, till the point of being using most of my time doing a lot of thing but nothing useful or productive for my life.

    Its time to do something, im not sure which mode i'll follow, but im sure that im not going to give up.

    Thanks you for reading all this.
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  2. Hi @user_SR, it is time to do something yes ... and you already did well in the past, that for sure is something you can profit from now. What you did then will give you the confidence that you can do it again. You got this, and as you say you will not give up, that's a clear statement. Good. Stay strong and leave that harmful stuff behind for once and good. No matter what comes next.
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