Time to just f***ing do it

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    Hello, everyone.

    I’m new to the site and this is my first post. I’m going to be brutally honest with myself in a stream of consciousness format in the hope it also connects with others here.

    Like a lot of people, I have been stuck in the PMO cycle for years. Looking at porn and fapping every two weeks or so. If something resembling a streak got started, it was broken.

    For a long time I’ve been thinking about what has been happening with my life because of this cycle. What has changed for me over the past decade? Sure, I have a better job, but from a personal perspective, nothing has changed and deep down that makes me feel hollow.

    I’ve grown apart from all my friends (for 10 years or more) and spend a lot of my time alone. I would love a girlfriend and would love to take care of them. I’m a good guy and have so much to offer. I’m now 30 years old, and I cannot afford to lose another year, let alone 10, by staying in this cycle. Fapping keeps us on the sidelines, and we are so much better than that.

    I am a natural introvert, but nonetheless, I truly realise what I have lost because of fapping over the years. Fapping does more than keep you up all night, making you losing sleep and wake up tired because porn is always on your mind. Every time you bust a nut you expel your energy. You revert to zero and have to start again. And once you fap, you usually relapse over and over. Nofap keeps that energy inside. It gives you more confidence and makes you more like yourself - how you should be.

    I’ve known all of this stuff for ages. But knowing something is worthless unless we take action. I’ve taken on board this truth so I don’t look back with regret, as I’ve been doing lately. Opportunities with women, attending events…all gone. And why did I turn these things down? I’m certain it’s because my testosterone was sedated by fapping. Sleepwalking through life as the years ticked over, keeping the status quo.

    The stone cold truth is that one or two minutes is not worth it when you consider the grand scheme of your life. I am not religious in the slightest and I do not approach the subject from this perspective. But fapping is literally draining not just your balls, but your life-force and all your future potential. The loss of future potential is the greatest tragedy of all, because when you get into that rut of fapping, you are literally keeping not just your penis down, but yourself.

    I’m going to get to the end of the year without fapping, but rather than setting goals, I think success is more likely if we follow a system. After you have fapped you immediately see the error of your ways and regret the decision. We know all of this already from past experience, so why do we have to relapse to find out what we already know?

    Fapping is fool’s gold. It’s a temptation at the back of your mind and it doesn’t have your best interests at heart in the long run. I’ve told myself “it’s okay, it feels good, you should be allowed to feel good.” But we can’t cheat to get results. We have to put in the work, and thus that means we can’t be fapping. It’s not easy – it’s damned hard. But we’ve all tried the fapping road, and we already know where it gets us.

    Fapping is thought to be an adult thing to do. But it’s not adult at all. It’s childish. Looking at photos and touching yourself. I had the simple but revelatory thought about my favourite movie icons. Can I imagine James Bond or Batman, these two alpha males, sitting behind a computer and fapping at the end of the day? No, I can’t. And I shouldn’t be doing it either. They instead get things done and live their life to full potential.

    It’s time to just fucking do it.
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    I feel identified with you. And you seem to have the brains and the will power. So just be patient and your results will come for sure.
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  3. Fullyawake

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    Thanks. I’m going strong. It’s best to just to turn your mind off and let the days pass. The first two days and the first week is the toughest.
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    The first month is absolutely the most difficult, and the second month gets a little easier, but it's not until the third month that you begin to catch little glimpses of your old self.
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    Thing is its not a simple decision as '2 minutes of pleasure'. Its the case for some people (including me in the past) that urges can last for hours or days and completely take over your mind. That is what causes me to relapse in the past, to get rid of the urge, not to enjoy myself for 2 minutes.

    but im right here with you. onward and upward.
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    Amen brother.

    It's shocking how immediately after O your perspective completely changes. Why did I just do that!?

    I feel like your post could have been written by me its so relatable to my life. Make sure you're making other changes in your life so your main focus isn't just struggling against nofap.
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  7. Fullyawake

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    I’m going well my fellow users. Nearing 30 days. I’m committed to this 100%.
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