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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by quit4life, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. quit4life

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    Hello, I am guy from India. I'm young. I'm 15 and I'm addicted to masturbation since I was 13. I have tried more than 20 times to quit this... But after some days I automatically do it. I need help from people here, to quit. Currently I have prepared to abstain from tomorrow. Can anyone of you tell me, that after how many days, the "do it" feeling will go. That is, how long does it take to control the addiction? Thanks and regards
  2. frankied

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    Hey man, maybe you should try meditation to be more aware of your thoughts, so that you don't need to act on those thoughts, for many people it helps. Cold showers, excercise are good as well
  3. Ikindaknew

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    Congrats about you realizing the problem that early in your life.

    Your in India man! Meditate (clean your chakras, channel your energy...)I'd do that if I was in India! Meditation schools might be plenty right?

    The most important thing to do, is to clean your thoughts from dirty mental images...
    Just like a sandbox, you need to rake it to get the rocks out of it...pulling all the weeds, picking up garbage, cigarette butts....clean your mind, its filthy with sex thoughts about women.

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