Time to regain control of my life.

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    for the past 5 or 6 years, i've been viewing pornography fairly regularly. the only time in that time frame that i abstained from viewing it was when i was in a relationship for a year and a half with a girl who in the end, dumped me out of the blue. In the fall, i'm headed off for my second year of college and i've recently lost 85 lbs and i'm finally getting my life on track besides this whole porn thing. i've always been sort of socially awkward and bashful around girls, but i can't help but feel that pornography has made this worse than it actually has to be. i want to see girls as real people and not just sex objects walking by. I don't want this shitty habit to ruin my relationship with anyone in my life, including myself. i'm going to give this thing my best shot and hopefully this community will give me the support i've longed for but have never really got. Not to say I don't have friends, but my friends never usually get into meaningful conversations, so none of them really even know i'm struggling. in fact, i've only told about 3 or 4 people before now about my problem. so here's to turning a new leaf.

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