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  1. Hey,

    It's been a while since my last activity, I just wanted to thank everyone who has liked my content in the meantime. Anyway, I've been "clean" for well over 3 years now and have come to a point where I no longer believe in nofap as being beneficial or somehow necessary as in masturbation being immoral or unnatural somehow . The main reason for my being active on here had to do with religious beliefs and a stress disorder which I still have which I thought would be cured by abstaining from masturbation. I thought of masturbation as sinful, unnatural, wrong and immoral. Turns out this isn't exactly the case, and I no longer take the Bible for a fact. I was also under the impression that nofap would somehow 'cure' the bisexual fantasies I've had since puberty.
    I no longer see any reasons why I should be taking abstinence to the extreme or why I should continue supporting this website.

    Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone before I delete my account.

    I still believe pmo-addiction is real but I've come to the realization that I never really was addicted and that living like a monk isn't the solution to anything either.

    Whatever you do just believe in yourselves.

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Are you planning to stay away from porn?
  3. The one thing I really want to avoid is feeling ashamed or guilty. I've always thought I was weird or a sinner for masturbating but have learned almost everyone does it, so I'm wondering how healthy it really is to suppress all sexual desires for several years.

    I guess I qualify as rebooted, but will go easy on the porn for sure. It depends on how it affects me, I just don't want to lose the motivation to get things done, which I think can get tricky with excess porn. I am however planning on buying a toy in any case. I am mostly interested in the effect on my anxiety and stress levels. If it femakes me worse I will go back to abstaining but I have a feeling that moral principles and feelings of guilt were what was stressing me out in the first place.
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    All roads will lead back to porn. You have come so far I wonder why you want to return to a lustful mind. Iam the last person who can talk but its better to suffer than fellow the crowd. Trust in Jesus man one day you will find a women just have the believe. Iam on the day 1 dont let complacency beat u up provide understanding to your emotions I would rather trust God than science.
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    Wish I had 130 days
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  6. Please explain this
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    I personally think you lack understanding in what your and thats why you are tempted to go back. Start reading the bible I have tried that its keeps me aligned but when your triggered go for a walk instead. Evil is trying to deceive you man trust me God teachings are correct follow Jesus.
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  9. Was wondering what's going with you and nofap and other rebooters as well.

    Just a piece of advice: Be careful to not return to your old ways as we're always forget how we felt once we close to healing or done curing.
  10. I never masturbated more than once a day or watched porn night and day if that makes sense. I just think we are sexual beings for a reason.
  11. Masturbating once a day IS addiction, that´s what a brainwashed being would think, leave if you want to or don´t feel like going anymore, but be in the knowledge that you will go back to your failure.
  12. I've read the entire Bible from A to Z and lost my faith in the process. I still believe in God, but in an agnostic way. Thinking of myself as a sinner and pressuring myself to avoid sexual 'sin' to please a God I can't see is just too stressful. Tell me what kind of god gives you sexual organs and forbids you to use them? The same one that approves of slavery, murder and rape? Don't get me started on the talking donkeys and what not. I'm done with the Bible. Either way I don't want this to turn into a discussion on religion, but my focus will be science and nature from now on, and there's just no way that extreme abstinence is considered normal or healthy. Countless scientific sources saying masturbation is healthy and natural. Porn is a different matter but the scientific jury is still out on that.
  13. I'm not saying I'm going to masturbate every day but I used to as a teenager. I've abstained for 3 years straight so who are you to judge? There are no real benefits apart from no shame or guilt. Again no scientific studies that state masturbating once a day is too much, on the contrary there's a lot of doctors stating that masturbation and orgasm has physical and mental benefits. Funny to see this wesbite is still after money after all this time.
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    I'm an atheist so I cannot help with the religious side of this discussion but I completely agree with you about the moral side of masturbation: it is not wrong and may well be good for you. Personally I am abstaining from masturbation, but that is because it draws me back to porn.

    But I disagree with your framing of the ethics of porn: it is not just about the effect of porn on you personally, but its effect on others and on the world.
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    Sorry to see you go, sounds like your advice could help others. NoFap might not be for everyone, but sounds like you did really well. Best of luck with where life takes you bro.
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    God wants you to use them in a moral way marriage. In fact God is trying to protect you. I wouldnt rely on science. Doctors used to teach smoking was perfectly normal. A lot of studies on masturbation are wishy washy.
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    I think there is too much rationalizing with how bad your level of addiction is. That can lead to an exceptionally hard relapse. Watching porn once a day to masturbate will lead to chasing it again and again.
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  18. Good job my friend. All I can tell you is that porn can mess you up pretty bad, but reading through some of your posts, you don't suffer alone from porn induced damage. You probably have some anxiety disorder and had some physical ailments. Kidney stones and nosebleeds don't seemed to be caused by porn addiction withdrawal right? Seems you blamed these symptoms on porn addiction. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.

    As for religion, great you broke free from the poison. If you haven't listened to some of Matt Dillahunty's work, I suggest you listen to some of his work on the Atheist Experience. I also recommend the work of Aron Ra (he does great on debunking the flood and other biblical myths), DarkMatter2525 (funny animations aboout bible stories, Dan Barker, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens (duh) and NonStampCollector on Youtube. A must read book is the God Delusion from Richard Dawkins. Nothing wrong with spirituality, but Christianity and Islam hold people back. They just don't know it themselves because of the grip it has on their minds.
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    brother .. Please read Quran only once..u will get better understanding Of God....in Islam.. being monk is not permissable.. .Bro just read it once u will get the true path
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    I just wanted to say that I find some other benefits as well and even more than 1 or two. But I am at the beginning of my way so don't feel now at the position to comment everything what you have written.
    Nevertheless I wish you all the best and peace deeply inside your heart. God bless,
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