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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by SorryWontSayIt, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    So I have started to chat with a girl on tinder, and non of us wants a relationship.

    Thats okey for me. But to say it simple I don't have a lot of experience related to sex, and she wants to hook up. Should I tell her that I don't really have experience? Because I want to do it, but at the same time I am a bit nervous cus of no exeperience.

    Any tips?
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  2. zero2341

    zero2341 New Fapstronaut

    I would suggest you don't use Tinder, this is a group of NoFap and/or PMO. The best option is to keep sex for marriage, not before.
  3. goodnice

    goodnice Fapstronaut

    Tell her nahh I'm on nofap
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  4. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    Thanks guys! Won't do it.

    I guess it was just me wanting to rush stuff after I more or less "broke up" with the last girl I was dating.

    Wanted to get in the dating gaming again, but I know I am a relationship person, so I don't know what I was thinking last nigth.
  5. I suggest to be honest to her about your experience or lack of it. Most people are not that experienced in sex than you might think, and it's not shameful to admit that you are one of them. Heck... I'm inexperienced as well as many, many other fellow Fapstronauts in this forum.
    Having sex is all about having fun and being intimate with one another, and if one or both of you are inexperienced, that shouldn't be any problem. You learn to have sex by having sex.

    Remember that there's no rule book or only one way how to have sex. It's not that serious; it's only sex.
    Don't put so much pressure on yourself and just have fun Bro :)
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  6. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    Thanks for respons! :,)

    I know it is only sex, but I think I will stay away still.

    Just got very clear to me how much I miss an other girl, even tho it is two weeks since we made it clear that we would not be in any relationship anymore. Don't really feel ready to have sex or flirt with any other girl yet.
    Just so fucking anyoing how much I can miss one girl, after just dating her 4 months :\ But hurts a bit to know that we both liked eachother but we can't be together for life situation :\

    Also never been a person that does one nigth stand or just hook ups. I want one person.

    Will try to focus on myself instead.
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  7. MetaGame

    MetaGame Fapstronaut

    I'd also suggest that u stay away from tinder especially if ur not experienced and its not gonna lead to a relationship.

    I mean u might get lucky and if ur young there isnt much harm in some fun unless u mess up but i wouldnt risk it tbh. If ur gonna use tinder dont do it for hook ups.

    In regards to ur question. Be honest, and also ask about her 'experience' then u will know if u wanna go through with it.
  8. bravastan

    bravastan Fapstronaut

    I don't really agree with most responses but that's what you get on a forum.

    - Waiting till marriage seems something you do because of religious reasons.
    - If you want to have sex and not have a relationship that is fine as long as you want that and if you are upfront about it to the girl.
    - You could tell the girl that you are not experienced but you don't have too. Do what feels good to you.
    - You say that you're still thinking about another girl, this can complicate things. If it's recent I would recommend giving it some time and to focus on yourself.
    - Always use a condom / ask for consent.
    - Ask what she wants if it isn't clear.
    - Being nervous doesn't have to be the reason to not do it, maybe it is the reason to do it.
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  9. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    Thanks for respons again!

    Won't have sex with this girl. I think I have to spend some time focusing on myself and get over this girl I dated first.

    Don't really think I will wait to marriage before I have sex, but I will wait until I find a girl I love. For me sex and marriage does not have a lot to do with sex, but love does. (Not really religious).
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  10. If u r on nofap...Avoid every trigger...That is really good for your reboot....
  11. sandrajames

    sandrajames New Fapstronaut

    I suggest you don't use tinder. It really isn't the place to find love.
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  12. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    True not the best place, but I have found it once before. Thats why I keep hopes up there.

    But I think I will take a pause from it until I really get over the last girl.
  13. primaljade

    primaljade Fapstronaut

    This is your moral opinion, not some fact.

    Yes, if you want to wear your insecurity on your sleeve, and risk ruining an opportunity with her.
    • If you do well and tell her afterward, she's not gonna care.
    • If you do bad and tell her afterward, she'll be more understanding, and you've gained experience.

    Everyone starts at zero, so don't worry. Calm your nerves, relax, remember to breath, take your time.
  14. THEdally_llama

    THEdally_llama Fapstronaut

    Agreed with @primaljade . This is YOUR best option, not everybody else's. You can't prescribe something from your social lens and expect a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" approach. Because I know damn well it wouldn't be the best option for me.
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  15. I strongly disagree. Not sure if you're trying to bait.
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  16. No,just act like you know what your doing, don't listen to these "no sex before marriage crowd" unless you actually believe it
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  17. SorryWontSayIt

    SorryWontSayIt Fapstronaut

    Won't wait until marriage, but I won't hook up with someone for a one nigth stand or just casual sex.

    I will wait until I really like the person, hopefully the next girl I sleep with will be my girlfriend.

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