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Tinder trouble...

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone!

    So I've been on tinder for about 2 weeks now, I used it during the summer and got nowhere and gave up after 0 matches. Now on my second attempt I've got around 6 but here's the problem, I'll text them with a question or something about them that isn't bad and I don't get any replies. Hell they don't even read it and I don't know why.

    I was thinking that I shouldn't put myself out there till I get over my porn addiction but what do you guys think?
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  2. The Wrestler

    The Wrestler Fapstronaut

    Tinder is AWFUL for guys' self-esteem (see the article here).
    I'd say there's nothing wrong with putting yourself out there before you are 100% over the porn. Do set yourself up for success, though - set yourself up to be confident, stay the hell away from Tinder if you like yourself, and do be aware that clicking through profiles on OkC and PlentyOfFish feeds the same reward loop porn does.
    Set up a profile on a couple different sites, then go outside and be awesome.
  3. Get off the Internet and go meet girls in real life
  4. TotalLifeChange

    TotalLifeChange Fapstronaut

    In my view, Tinder and online dating in general is something nice to have as an extra.
    I mean, if you're good with dating in general, it can be something.
    But for most people, using online dating stuff comes from not being good at meeting people, socializing, etc. And that's exactly why you should focus on that and have Tinder on a second plane.
  5. Hitto

    Hitto Fapstronaut

    Tinder is nothing to be taken seriously most people are on it for attention I wouldn't use it if you haven't done at 90 days reboot after that I have become way more detached about outcomes with women still working on it but I'm doing and trying other things to be too concerned if a stranger answers back my message lol
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  6. Thanks guys, I've decided to delete the app. Getting over my addiction comes first.
  7. NoBrainer

    NoBrainer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Most people who are on Tinder don't take it too seriously. Don't beat yourself up because it's probably not you, rather that they're just too lazy to check their own messages, or that they hardly ever go on the app.
    Yeah, that's probably wise.
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  8. because these broads have like 400 matches, so they have lots of guys to choose from. Your message has to stand out can't be generic.
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  9. I know man, my messages weren't just "hi" or "how are you?" it was a question or something about them... I'm not that boring :emoji_laughing:
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  10. Back in the day i would just insult them guaranteed a response LOL
  11. It's not worth the risk lol
  12. I would hurl an insult and then wait till she messaged back. It actually worked until I get unmatched quickstyle
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  13. This is my opinion.

    Online dating sites and apps are full of very shallow people. The more matches isn't necessarily the merrier. You want to meet one perfect match. Your match. Not loads of shitty matches.

    Do a profile that is you. Describes/shows your personality in photos. And shows your personality, likes and behaviour well in the profile info.

    When it comes to messaging people. Do not over think it. Be yourself. If they don't reply it's their loss, not yours. Be your own best friend and stay true to yourself. If a girl doesn't reply it doesn't mean shit. It's her loss. Good luck.
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  14. I never got into dating websites, they always seemed like a shallow way to meet people, and superficial encounters never interested me enough to risk it.

    I agree with this part, but saying it is "her loss" that she didn't reply is naive. This is a generic response you tell people who want to hear anything to boost their confidence, without putting in any thought.

    Let's grow up here and face the facts: if someone doesn't reply, they probably aren't interested. It isn't "their loss." It is something that happens, no need to justify it. Just move on, and don't fall for any weak, superficial confidence boosters.
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  15. Lopez760

    Lopez760 Fapstronaut

    I deleted all my dating apps cuz I noticed it was triggering my porn addiction so none of that , plus it plays with your mind thinking your not good enough cuz you keep getting rejected online I rather date in real life
  16. Real life is better but the apps help too
  17. I actually meant it. It wasn't generic. If you think it was then you're wrong.

    If someone doesn't reply they aren't interested. But that's their problem, not OP's. From his perspective they are really missing out if OP knows he's a good and interesting guy. So I don't really agree with any of your post after the first line.
  18. ean

    ean Guest

    tinder is fucking wretched. you are better than that. do nofap and the ladies will be falling at ure feet.
  19. But maybe it is their loss. Do you want us to think it's the end of the world if someone doesn't reply?
  20. Indianqwerty

    Indianqwerty New Fapstronaut

    Have you been able to use dating apps now ?

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