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    Complete rebooting is based on 2 pillars:
    1. Learning how to say "no".
    2. Minimizing triggers.
    Most of the discussions on this site center around the first pillar, because it's clearly the more important one. But let's not forget the second, either!

    We have to get our intentions correct first. We will never, ever be able to STOP ALL triggers from entering our minds. But, we should be aware of our sensory landscape. Are triggers operating on us without our conscious awareness?

    Understand how the brain -- especially the male brain -- works. A given computer screen may be displaying 1-50 different images at a time. You are only "looking at" one, but the other ones are still being processed by your subconscious mind on a subconscious level. Addictions can be reactivated that way without the person knowing.

    Blocking all images at the browser level is a practical solution. You can access the full range of information on the web, but images just won't load. As a bonus, surfing the web is faster, safer, and more private.

    If there's a certain site you need to enable images on, you can whitelist it.


    Download & install uBlock Origin to your browser.

    Apply the following setting.



    Android: Blockerhero
    iOS: More info needed.
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    I took your advice and disabled images from loading in my web browser. I didn't install uBlock, i just went straight to settings and turned them off as well as disabling audio / video from playing automatically. I tested this out (ig, twitter) and can confirm that it works which gives me a huge confidence boost. Even if one day you're dealing with urges that are strong, i think at the very least it can buy you some time. The time it takes for you to go into your settings and undo all the changes may be enough for you to rationalise just why what you're about to do is a TERRIBLE. decision. I very much appreciate this post and hope more people see and use this method. The more info and strategies we have up our sleeves the more likely we are to succeed. Facts
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    Yes, some browsers give you that control, and some don’t. I linked to uBlock to cover all bases.

    Yup, just another weapon in our arsenal.
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    We must quit smartphones & internet altogether. Schedule it only between 9am-5pm for productivity purposes etc. Download films/series to your PC.
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    If your goal is to restrict your own access to the internet then that's another, very different, approach. I tried that approach early in my recovery and I found it not to be very helpful. YMMV.

    Image blocking is only intended to protect you at the subconscious level. It is sort of like grayscaling your phone.
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    I think blockers should be seen as a way to give ourselves with some Time! I have experienced it though I have not used them. I tell u how, actually adult content is banned in Pakistan so it is accessible by downloading a VPN first...while the VPN was being downloaded by my own intention, in-between I went to NoFap and clicked the Panic button and that took me to YouTube and from there I saw other recommended videos on Men's Testosteron (that how it is being lowering by easy dopamine and that women are more hardworkers and blah blah than men are!) and I was like what the hell...
    Believe me I even forgot about the VPN that had been downloaded until then and I just jumped into prayer(I also prayed before sleeping that night for my recovery) but I also said to myself that As I'm feeling out of crave now for the first time ever, I'll go to the park just after Fajar and I'll run there to equalise it, something like I can't name...but just wanna say that little pause and delay helped alot. Action taking is upto you within any possible chance that you may get and in-between. And one more thing affected it I think but the message will get long. I speak too much sorry for that! I tried to share what I learned about it a month ago.
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    For Android: Blockerhero
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    Use pluckeye. it does that and it can be hard to remove.