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  1. Cmv120

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    I’m gonna try to make this simple... I’ve spent some time getting further and further away from porn. I’ve only watched it 2 times this month, comparatively I use to watch it every single day, multiple times a day.

    Right now I want to practice semen retention. But I have VERY strong sexual feelings for this girl that I work with. People have mentioned that she seems into me, but when I ask her out she says yes and gets excited, but never actually goes through with it!!!

    Thats annoying as all hell. I suppose that it’s good that I’m attracted to a real woman, instead of porn, but man I REALLY like her. For instance, when I’m aroused, I think about HER. When I see her, I get aroused! I’m very frequently thinking about her in non-sexual ways too, simply wondering about her and wanting to... I don’t know, give her the perfect date. Make her feel special.

    To an extent, this sort of attraction is actually one my goals in practicing semen retention... But at the same times it’s making NoFap VERY challenging. How in GODS NAME do I stop feeling this attraction so strongly, when some mornings I literally WAKE UP with the thought of having sex with her already in my mind???
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    What's the semen retention for? And how are you going about it? As long as whatever you're undertaking aligns with your broader objectives, I don't think you should "hold back" with this woman. If you want to ejaculate inside her, then go for it. It's what we were made for as men. It's perfectly healthy.
  3. Cmv120

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    Jesus Christ, man, I’m not going to ejaculate inside her unless it’s her mouth. Lol.

    I don’t think that I will mind ejaculating during sex. Refraining from masturbation completely until that moment is what I’m after.

    I feel more productive, confident (courageous even), disciplined, successful, and attractive in general when I’m practicing semen retention, and I would like to tap back into that and utilize the extra energy to its maximum effect.
  4. 010010010100000101001101

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    Sounds like you're obsessed or something. Is she your only sexual opportunity? Cos that would explain it. If so put yourself out there and start dating other women, that will take your mind off of her a little. Maybe that's why she flake on your dates? Cos you appear too needy and turn her off.
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    I think I do something like that: I invest and aim all of my erotic/sexual feeling and fantasy on ONE person, and for a time, she is the only thing I can think about. I don't pursue (because I can't), but what I find is while I have attached all of that stuff to her face, her body, it's exactly the same thing I'm gonna feel about somebody else, and I've felt before, and at some point I will no longer feel it toward her. It's not her. I am projecting. She just happens to be the target and is carrying all of this energy for me at the moment. I call this the "Hey Hold This For Me Will Ya?" theory of Erotic Energy. Now, she could be special in some way for sure, but the erotic arousal is exactly the same in all cases for me.
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    like my first ex, i give all fantasy and sex only to her, when we left alone, i become an animal that only want sex with her. And her too only fantazing me and sex with me, not fantazing on her idol anymore
  7. Cmv120

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    Yeah I do get sort of obsessive. I don’t really mean to. The way I feel is that if you WANT it you have to PURSUE it and in order to pursue it you have to really WANT it, if you get my point.

    Desire is the gas for the engine of pursuit.

    I’ve always, in a way, amplified my own desires. I’ve always really really really really liked one girl at a time.

    I’ve noticed now though, since I started hanging out with another girl (my ex) during the past week, that my curiosity in this girl from work is fading.

    Albeit I saw her tonight and she’s as pretty and sweet as can be

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