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    I know that you are struggling. Why? Because your brain reproduces those sexual images leading you to crave for porn and then voila, you relapse, and again relapse and so on. Am I right? Well, you can overcome that.

    I was craving for porn too days ago after I relapsed following 8 months of NoFap, but now I finally said farewell to porn once and for all. How?

    Here is what I did:

    - Realise that you are looking at a video. A video. You are not there, you are not having sex with that girl. Try to reproduce the video into reality, remove that video filter and try to imagine how you'd see those persons having sex. You would notice that the video is a recording of an actual scene. Sometimes it twists your sense of reality to watch these kind of videos and you only crave for that scene and that video in particular and not for the reality per se.

    You'd think twice to lick a girl butthole in reality, because you are scared of the smell of the shit or you don't want to get Hepatitis C or A but you don't care when you are watching a video with people doing it. Am I right? Because those videos twist your sense of reality, that's why. You have to realise that it is an actual scene going on and the video is a recording of it. Sounds obvious, but it's not. I just realised that recently.

    Same goes for anal and vaginal sex. What is the goal of watching those scenes? You are not actually having sex so where's the gain? Your penis is NOT inside a vagina of a sexy girl. The guy's penis in the video is, not yours. Realise that those are videos. There could have been made 3, 4 years ago but you don't care, you are there watching old videos and jerking off to pixels.

    Do that and you'll kill those urges to watch porn.

    I'm finally free from that bullshit whic destroys your brain chemistry. You can be free too. Good luck!
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