Tips for fatigue and muscle soreness

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by BillyBobBoBoBo, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. hey I have been trying to do body weight exercises every day of 10 sets of;

    10 Hindu Push-ups = 100

    10 Pike Push-ups = 100

    30 Hindu Squats = 300

    15 Thoracic Extension = 150

    10 Over handed Suspension Trainer rows = 100

    10 Under handed Suspension Trainer rows = 100

    Though recently I've been getting a lot of muscle soreness, which I'm trying to adapt to it, but having a harder time with it as during my rest inbetween have been taking longer than a minute, have taken some days off at times & my elbows have been aching. Any advice for that?
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  2. PatrickJames

    PatrickJames Fapstronaut

    It's too much everyday dude.

    Try every other day.

    Or, perhaps better, do the upper body one day and lower body the next.
  3. UnitedWeStand

    UnitedWeStand Fapstronaut

    Indeed you will get overtrained and your testosterone will suffer. I used to train 200 pullups a day and 500 push ups every other day with some other exercises between (abs legs) 6 days a week sometimes 7 and i got ill caused of overtraining. Keep it in moderation. You can train everyday but not that intense..
  4. BurgerChamp

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    I don't know why but it was somehow always cold showers that got rid of my muscle soreness. I've been taking cold showers for over two months now and exercising every day and I see a big difference. Anyways, I would agree with the other guys saying that you over-train. Try scheduling your workouts in which you divide them and have a rest day in between. Your muscles need rest too. During your rest days you could for instance do cardio or light exercise or it's just up to you and how you deal with your body. Just try to not work on the same muscle group every day for a long time. Take lots of sleep 7-8 hours then eat the right food. Take a rest day right now bro..
  5. PatrickJames

    PatrickJames Fapstronaut

    I was persuaded to start doing cold showers. Been 3 weeks now I think. They are awesome!!
  6. palindromo

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    It's too much every day
    More you do , more you need to rest , this type of stress should have a 2-3 days/or a full week of rest.
    More pain doesn't means more gain , if you don't rest ; there are long times for muscle shelter

    You don't do others muscular area? Like legs , shoulders , tricips, you can alternate
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  7. FlowingSaiyan

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    First of all, that's a lot of volume for everyday. You can do this routine a few times in a couple of months, but definitely not every single day.
    Secondly, if you are feeling sore, don't workout. Just go for a walk or do some activity that is less demanding on your body. Our muscles build only after the soreness goes away, so if you train high volume and high intensity everyday then you will regress instead of progress.
    Now, if you really are feeling very sore, you can buy a foam roller. That would help a lot. Also, eating ginger helps with soreness too.
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  8. I am re-thinking about the approach about it as I did start doing everyday since the 18th of May 2020, with a day of between 20 to 21 of June & the 10th of June as not feeling too great and my elbow hurting. It wasn’t bad as I started with a low amount of reps, then increased them with more of the lower body exercises so they where more then the upper body.
  9. That is concerning, I was inspired by this guy
    and the one Punch-man comic, though it has become more of a recent thing, as I was doing 5 days a week of 1 arm assistances close handed push-ups then superset with close handed push-ups & close handed chin-ups & shoulder length chin-ups with then doing squats & leg raises. It then changed as my body was hurting, to try something called the light dumbbell system to change it up, which I was doing for a while, then added this, but stopped as I hurt my foot from a long walk & and could only do the routine I’ve posted. Now I’m thinking of cutting down days to either 6 or 5 days.
  10. How cold do I need to make it & how does that work? Yeah I was trying to work on getting my body adapt to the routine as keeping it at the reps I written for a while till I got use to it and can do it with my exhaustion. Yeah I need to work on my sleeping as I’m not getting enough sleep recently.
  11. So how cold & how do they work?
  12. I am attempting to work with full body exercises with exercises that activate most of the muscles & trying to adapt that my body to handle doing it most days of the week.
  13. PatrickJames

    PatrickJames Fapstronaut

    I don't use the coldest water, I use as cold as I can stand it.

    As for any science behind them, Google it, lol. I heard it's better for your skin and they were highly recommended to me by dudes much further along in NoFap on a Discord server that I am active on.
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  14. Yeah I have a foam roller, I just need to sort out a routine with it & to get back adding ginger in my diet.
    Yeah I tried to work on adapting my body to handle it, as inspired by an Indian wrestler who did 5000 Hindu Squats & 3000 Hindu push-ups every day, wanting to do the same amount to see if I can get round that number with my upper body and lower body exercises. Though guess that he & I are in different circumstance as he was raised from 5 to be a wrestler to where he never lost & I started doing this routine in my mid 20s.

    P.S Also love your Deathnote profile picture.
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  15. Okay fair enough.
  16. BurgerChamp

    BurgerChamp Fapstronaut

    I don't turn on the heater of my shower lmao, that's how cold if you were wondering. You can try it, too. I started doing cold showers when I was 18 years old taking swimming lessons. My coach always required me to take a shower before heading into the pool. And the water from the shower is cold, there's no heater. The same way, after taking the shower you jump into the pool which is cold too but you definitely won't feel the shiver cause your body already got used to the cold temperature of the shower.

    I got used to taking cold showers for 2 months because that's how long my lessons lasted. Moreover, I eventually stopped taking cold showers as soon as my swimming lessons ended in 2018. I only got back to it this year and I started doing it consistently ever since the mid of May.

    Try doing some research about it, it has lots of benefits on your muscles and mental state (anxieties, depression, negative thoughts) and could be a very big impact to your journey as well as it eases your urges and temptations. Try it out yourself then you'll see a big difference.

    A tip I could share on how to start doing it is try taking your shower with warm water first then eventually shifting to cold. You will panic but just go on. Keep going. Think about the benefits it'll give you, think of it as a supplement to NoFap and your muscles. Repeat it the next day. And the other day until it becomes a habit. You'll eventually just keep taking cold showers and love it. You will reap its benefits and keep doing it.

    Until now I honestly still hate taking cold showers because you just don't feel comfortable on the first few seconds to a minute but eventually you'll get used to it.

    Best of luck and cheers buddy.
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  17. FlowingSaiyan

    FlowingSaiyan Fapstronaut

    Thanks man! :D
  18. PerseveranceToday

    PerseveranceToday Fapstronaut

    Cold showers immediately after exercise (and after stretching) will help. Also, make sure you have at least one rest day. I have mine on Sundays, and when I would usually workout I instead do a light yoga routine.
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  19. Thanks man that’s some good advice, I started it with starting warm then after that wash I turn it cold to rinse of, though had to stop that as when getting to bed in the hot night I was sweating buckets to I put it on a Luke warm temputure so I’m not sweating whilst I’m trying to sleep, as it is now not so hot I can try again.
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  20. Yeah I need to find a good stretching or foam rolling routine todo straight after and not be lazy about it & go straight to breakfast. Yeah I am debating changing it to either 5 or 6 days to exercise, as I’m not someone trained from a young age to be a wrestler like the Great Gama or Saitama, as I have real world responsibilities and not training to be a fighter, just to be healthy and to have a muscular physique through exercises I can do any where without a gym.
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