Tips for overcoming PIED (it helped me A LOT)

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    great post dude!! im on day 20 and going strong!! Did you cured your pied with a girl? Iv head that in order to rewire you must have secssesful sex
  2. starting to appreciate this particular tip now
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    I nearly cured my PIED but eventually relapsed around day 82 when I declined the offer of a girl to go home with her. I didn't want to break my streak (foolish i know, especially at 82 days with a REAL girl), and the tension that night was too much. Since then I have fallen back to my old ways. I thought I was there, and now I am back at day 3..... I will start making more posts about NoFap.

    In terms of rewiring, it depends on how much your system is already wired to females. I had physcial contact with girls from a very early age already, and had multiple times of succesful sex before I got PIED, so I presume my rewiring will be less than someone who hasn't had sex before doing NoFap for example.
    So to answer your question; rewiring is very beneficial, but you can do that by hugging girls, kissing girls, flirting with girls, and of course, by having sex with girls. The more you do it, the stronger you will be wired to them.
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    Nice post. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    that's awesome
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    Great post :)
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