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    Warning: Please don’t come here to reply that dating apps suck or that you should focus on your success instead of chasing girls. It is getting lame.

    I’ve use dating apps for many years, I got some good girls out of it, it also taught me a bit about talking to girls, you gain some social skills out of it.
    These are my tips for those who want to try it:

    Photos: Put the best photos of yourself, if you can add one holding a cat or a puppy, another one with friends, traveling, if you have a nice body show it. Don’t use too many selfies.

    Profile description: try to be funny or at least original, both is great.

    Texting: The first time I did it, I was a bit afraid, I took a curse of creative writing at university and something there really helped me:
    Just write, be spontaneous, don’t think too much, and just say whatever pops into your head.
    You have to be fluid and risky, but not in a sexual manner, simply be relaxed and try to create a rapport with the girl you are talking.

    Practice, a numbers game: just practice and you become good at it, the more girls you talk to the more chances you have of getting a girl.
  2. Thumbs up to this post even though I'm probably never going to use a dating app again and just cold approach. I think the wisdom in here is applicable to all interactions with females.
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    Photos: get a tripod, shoot a lot of photos and only use the best of the best ones. Get help if you can't produce top notch pictures yourself. For men this is the most important factor. Average photos equal zero matches (unless you are a model).

    Profile description: What's interesting about you?

    texting: start with fun, not with standard questions (what's your job...). Tease her.
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    For example when I use dating apps usually I leave the apps on my phone and wait for a match usually only check on the apps 10 min a day, some days I even forget about it. And if a girl is interested I talk to her.
    It's also a matter of how you use it.

    But then again you see it as a waste of time and a psub. That's fine.
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    Photos: Good pictures of you alone doing fun stuff. 1 or 2 with friends doing fun stuff. Avoid selfies.
    Besides loving good looking guys and with good bodies, woman love to have fun. If you are doing fun stuff she is going to associet dating you to fun.

    Profile: keep the mistery, woman love to figure you out. Don't give information that easily. No profile needed.

    Texting: have a life.. get busy.. an in you free times responde texts. I used to responde like 2..3 times a day. (woman that get angry or protest that you don't write back faster, gets deleted. only speak to woman that value that you are busy and respect your time and they are happy that you are taking time to responde to them at your pace. On the other hand.. don't be butthurt if she is not respoding fast. she can be busy or just not interested. you should be ok either way)
    Don't be so serious, be fun and try to know her a little bit. The most important thing about texting is to create rappaport and to gather information about if she is really interested in us or she is just in the app for a ego lift, or because she is bored, or because she is looking for a free meal or drink.
    Woman have lots of matches on online apps (a lot more than man have), they are only going to be interested in dating the top 5 in their list. If you are not in that list, you don't have a chance with her and she is only going to use you. So only ask out woman that really shows that she is really interested in going out with you. Don't waste time with others. Speand 1 weak or 2 at most texting with a woman and ask her out. The magic happens in person, if you delay the first date you can get yourself in friendzone really fast.
    Last year I used the apps for 5 months. I've spoken to 100/150 woman but only asked out 3 of them that were really putting the effort in the chat and they were fun enough to go out.

    Girl 1: started good but eventually she lost interest and get a little boring.. i was already there and not planning to see her again so I kiss her at the end of the nigth and offer her to walk her home (maybe I could get lucky.. you never know) she refused.. a few more kisses and we call it a day. Deleted her number once I arrived home. Never heard from her again, of course.

    Girl 2: Have a lot more fun trought the date and we kissed at the end of the nigth and say goodnigth.
    Asked her out again the next weekend but she made it really difficult, she was sooooooo busy. it was obvious her interest plumered, so I just tell her to contact me when her schedule opens up. Never heard form her again. I was rigth.

    Girl 3: Date went great.. almost a year later we are still together.

    Numbers Game: totally. Most of woman you match are not going to be interested in you really. Most are there for attention and validation from man. Even the ones you go out with can just go out with you for a free meal or drinks. So don't be a sucker. Gather information beforhand and only ask out the ones that really seams to be interested in going out with you and are really fun to chat to.

    Hard truth (Bonus track): As said before, woman had a LOT of matches. A lot more than man do, so they can choose whom to date. That fact makes it pretty imposible for guys that are not good looking or with a great body. If you have both, dating app are going to do wonders for you. If you are in the middle, with patince you can have decent dates with it, if you don't.. then online apps are not for you.
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    hi, as i am wondering if i'll ever be interested in dating ever again... why dating apps/sites ? (honest question, i never tried)

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