Tips on combating sleepiness

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    I feel like I have mono or something.
    I'm just chronically tired and fatigued.

    I found that by sleeping 15-20min naps help reboot my system. So I take them almost everyday. (I've read that each sleep cycle is ~20 mins; to avoid your brain from entering deeper sleep, have shorter naps)

    I've been feeling so drained lately. Like to the point where I can't stay awake for more than an hour. I just have the constant need to sleep and the desire to sleep. I took 3-4 short naps throughout my day. It's insane and debilitating.

    I just relapsed after 9 days bc doing it wakes me up for a bit.
    I've been taking 2 coffee + caffeine pill this past week + occasional advil for headaches.

    I've never experienced such harsh flatline in my life.
    Anyone experience this?
    How do you guys combat fatigue and sleepiness?
    Caffeine doesn't work anymore.
    I'm worried that I may relapse again soon bc i get so tired or being tired.
    I mistakenly think and believe that the adrenaline from PMO will wake me out of my somber.
  2. Electronic shut off time & Early to bed & early to rise.
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