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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by porsche4life, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. porsche4life

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    Okay guys, I'm on day 46 without porn, although I have been fapping to erotic stories and some soft core pics with girls in bikinis, lingerie, etc... I'm trying to go at least another two weeks cold turkey, any tips? The thing is that I'm just horny all the time without even looking at pics and reading stories. I know some of you may say that what I'm doing is not really a streak, but I have morning wood almost daily and my porn induced fetishes are on the brink of disappearing.
  2. StonePlacidity

    StonePlacidity Fapstronaut

    don't masturbate, it is bad for your body. For me, I go further into semen retention because I believe that is the best thing to do for my body and soul
  3. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Masturbating is not bad for your body. If you think it is it will be, that's the power of psychology. You're one of those people that has gone a little crazy with this entire nofap thing. Theres no medical evidence it's bad for you. What I'm trying to accomplish is to simply cut back since doing too much just makes you tired.
  4. Will to live

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    Maybe fapping in itself but what about porn?
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  5. StonePlacidity

    StonePlacidity Fapstronaut

    well yeah but belief can make a person stronger tho
  6. Carbon Icon

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    You have been using porn for the last 46 days. Granted it may be less extreme than what you are used to, but it's still porn. You are not recovering, you are just holding the demons at bay temporarily but taking a lower dose and trying to hang on as long as your willpower will hold out.
  7. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    That's your opinion, I've quit a similar way before and to me this isn't porn. I feel like many people are just too extreme on this site.
  8. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Yes I agree porn is what's bad.
  9. MildMan18

    MildMan18 Fapstronaut

    I can see both sides of this but I would say masturbation is actually a normal healthy thing and if you're not able to have sex with yourself without feeling guilty how will you have sex with someone else without an element of guilt? Sex is not the demon, but excessive masturbation and the danger that porn tube sites now present in terms of overloading our brains is, and also a lot of porn is degrading and well we know the long list off negatives about escalating into dark and dangerous waters. So I'm just backing up porsche4life a bit there!

    However, you did ask for tips on how to keep going and perhaps seeing if you can challenge yourself to cut everything out for the next few weeks will help reduce temptation.

    Making some big adjustment also helps, like when I bought a new phone for two months I didn't fap because I didn't want to use my new phone for it, it was totally clean and I wanted to keep it that way. Also when I've done another challenge at the same time, like no drinking, I find it easier to give up fapping too.

    Wish I had more help there but I'm already struggling to quit and haven't had a long streak for a while. Good luck to you!
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  10. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Greatly appreciate your response man. Thank you very much!
  11. Carbon Icon

    Carbon Icon Fapstronaut

    It's not quitting it's just changeing the dosage of your drug. It's like smoking crack to quit herion. Your lying to yourself dude.
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  12. porsche4life

    porsche4life Fapstronaut

    Ok that's your opinion, like I said I feel like most of you guys on here are just too extreme.
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  13. Carbon Icon

    Carbon Icon Fapstronaut

    Ok, but you are literally going through the exact same process. Your brain has the same conditioned response. You are just substituting the images. How is that going to aid recovery. You are still feeding the exact same addition process in your brain.

    Did you come on nofap because you wanted to change the type of images you M too? The frequency and duration of M is no problem. The timing? The reasons? Non of that is an issue?...just the type of images?

    Or are you on here because the M'ing has become addictive and unmanageable in your life?

    Do you think you can maintain using the soft-core images only...indefinitely? And is that really much better? Or are you only white knuckling it as long as possible before heading back to the stuff you are trying to avoid?
  14. LetsGetStarted

    LetsGetStarted Fapstronaut

    Hey Porsche4life,

    I must say that I am on the same side as Carbon Icon. You are sort of substituting porn with soft core images, which would have been fine if you used that instead of using porn all those years, but you can't substitute it afterwards. You are in fact still masturbating to something on a screen, just like porn.

    However masturbation is not bad, if you want to do that once a week or once a month, you definitely should. BUT not with those soft core images or 'erotic' stories. Because your brain will use those dopamine pathways you made while watching porn.
    I would advise you to just fap on the feeling, once a week/month, but don't fap to thoughts of porn or erotic stories JUST feeling. Another thing : don't use death grip.

    Tip to go cold turkey? Don't fap at all, don't watch porn, don't watch girls in lingerie, don't read erotic stories and don't touch your D too much. I am 22 days in and got into the flatline, after 14 days my urges were gone.

    AND don't even think about watching porn. You wanna quit porn right? Then stop thinking about it, dedicate yourself to it. Porn is bad. You substitute it by erotic stories and girls in lingerie, that's not really how it works.

    You stopped watching porn which is good, so my plan of action for you: 1) get rid of those stories and lingerie pictures. Delete them, you are done fapping to that. 2) Get yourself a real streak [with M once a week/month if you really want to]. 3) Go to the gym, work out, go running. 4) Buy yourself some new clothes, get some skinny jeans, good looking hoodies or polo's, shoes, jacket, whatever, just make sure you look good. 5)Whenever you reach 40/50 days, go outside, REWIRE, meet real girls (from school?), try to talk to them, get their numbers etc. [Rewiring is literally what is most important to us, we may go 200 days reboot but that's not gonna change a thing, our brains need to learn how to get a boner from real girls. A reboot of 50 days is enough] 6) Ask if they wanna hang out. 7) Do the thing you do with porn but then with a real girl ;) aye.
    While doing this: DONT WATCH PORN. I know you will want to look if your dick still works and it will, the second you turn on some p site (or in your case erotic stories and pictures in lingerie), your brain releases dopamine, that's what it learned itself to do (+ if your brain releases dopamine the first instinct is to fap, the chance exists that you will relapse). Now forget about porn, forget about those stories etc. And get a fcking girl.
    Sidenote: You know you can actually never go back to porn right? It will crawl back and give you pied again. Those days are just over bro. I have accepted it, you have to do too.

    Im not gonna lie, Im not sure if this plan of action will work. But it is my plan of action, made up with all the advise other people give here on NoFap. I hope it works. And I hope for you too.

  15. topjobm8two

    topjobm8two Fapstronaut

    I've been experimenting with allowing m. But I agree, looking at softcore or reading those stories will lead to releapse.

    The fact is you are asking for tips. The biggest tip i could give you of you want to try not be so hardcore as these orher guys, allow m but drop the other stuff. The other stuff is infact making recovery much, muxh harder. It is chaser man. You know what chaser is right? That is why you are having a hard time.
  16. IG95

    IG95 Fapstronaut

    I get rid of my morning wood by flexing all my muscles, you don't need to get out of bed. Try it. Arms, Abs, Legs, Chest. Blood rushes through them isntead of your penis, removing ur morning wood.

    Hope it helps.
  17. Sorry to break it down to you man, but you are still using porn. Erotic stories as you call them (I'd call them porn stories) are just as bad as videos (believe me I used to read that too). Sexy pics are porn too.

    You have to read more about porn addiction and what happens in your brain if you want to understand why porn stories and erotic pictures are just as bad as porn.

    Right now however it seems like you are in denial about what it means to quit porn.
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  18. This is a forum to quit pornography. Either you quit it (under all of its forms, be it photos, videos, audio or stories, and whether soft or hardcore), or you don't.

    But don't come here and call us extreme. Especially when your question is "tips to stop fapping". If you want to stop fapping, then why are you still reading stories or watching photos that are arousing? Your logic is flawed.

    Ultimately, it's your choice to do whatever you want, but you came here to ask a question that was mistaken at inception.

    Please
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  19. pornography
    printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

    Erotic Stories = Description of sexual activity = sexual excitement
    Bikini Women = Display of sexual organs = sexual excitement
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  20. Homelander

    Homelander Fapstronaut

    I have to agree with Carbon Icon, you have still been using porn(edging).
    I have been doing the same soft method like you, but after much reading I become aware that I was lying to myself and just kept the addiction in place. My tips for you:

    1. Delete Facebook/instagram/snapshat,etc.
    2. stop with the erotic story crap, its also porn
    3. stop fantasizing about sex, also real past memories
    4. find a new demanding hobby you can put your time en energy into
    5. Don't spend any time awake in bed, get up straight away
    6. shower time should be as short as possible.
    7. Take a cold shower when the urges are boiling or go for an instant run outside
    8. Try to be around other people as much as possible
    9. identify your trigger moments and scenarios and try to avoid them, (learn&adapt)
    10. Final: don't put the label "difficult" on kicking this addiction, because your brain will trick you into relapsing.
    It's not difficult, you can do this, just keep the streak up!

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