Tips that helped me to start my reboot

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  1. Hi, welcome to NoFap.
    If you are reading in this forum probably you are starting your rebooting.
    Four months ago I did not even know I was a porn addict, actually I did not know that that was an addiction neither.
    I learned when I found by chance the TedTalks Glasgow video by Gary Wilson. I could not believe, he was describing everything I was experiencing by then.

    It will be a tough process, and you will experience several withdrawal symptoms the first 4-5 weeks (personally I had terrible ball ache and I was super depressed, crying out of the blue or shouting people in some business meeting).
    The good thing is that it is worth it. You will start seeing positive changes soon.

    Some tips that worked for me:
    1. Install K-9 in your computer, so when you feel tempted to browse porn, this software blocks it. If you feel that you will "cheat" yourself, ask somebody to put some random password and throw it to the trash;
    2. The way I fight my sudden urges is reading my "emergency tool" package, which I have saved in my cellphone in Notes, so I always have it handy.
    I wrote there some texts describing how down I was feeling when I started the NoFap journey, and some sentences I extracted from other posts
    I posted them here, feel free to use them if they are good for you.

    Otherwise you can write your own things , things that touch your heart when you are immerse in an urge.
    I read from another Fapstronauts that he make a video of him fapping while watching PMO, and it was so depressing and pathetic that helped him to avoid relapsing
    3. Watch a lot of videos about this addiction and why you will be better if you quit.
    Here is a link to a previous post where I put every video that I found helpful

    4. Come to this site every day, read some blogs, post something if you feel like it. Help some newbies. All this is very healing, and staying connected helps a lot.
    5. Keep yourself very busy, create an agenda that does not allow you to have time to watch porn. Stay away from the places that "reminds you" to PMO or some related action (in my case, I used to visit paid escorts, so I stay away from these places.
    6. Delete from your computer every video or picture that you have. It is painful but a big commitment (I was saving porn videos for 11 years, so it was super difficult for me to do it. Make sure you delete them from your Trash Bin so you cannot recover them.
    7. If you are old school, perhaps you also have DVD's or porn magazines. Throw them away too.
    8. Unsubscribe from every porn site or softcore e-mail subscription that can keep sending you stuff that can tempt you to relapse (very painful, specially if you have paid for it, like I did)
    9. Delete and block all the contacts from your cell that can trigger PMO. In my case, I had like 11 contacts of escorts saved, that I blocked and deleted.
    10. In the instant that you get an urge, stop yourself from the excitement for 30 second, and try to think what is really triggering it. In my case, I always discover some unpleasant situation that happened a few hours ago, that make me a bit depressed or sad, and triggers a desire to PMO. Once you realize what is the trigger, the urge trend to disappear.
    11. Get cold showers every time you start feeling an urge that you cannot stop. I needed this for the first 5 weeks, because I could not stop “the rush” inside my body.I still use cold water to my daily shower, it helps you to get used to tolerate pain.
    12. Exercise a lot, you need to “sweat” your urge out. I found that the best way to lower my dopamine level was to go to the gym and do bicycle every day for 30 minutes. It released my stress and let me relax and sleep better.

    I hope some of these tips help you.
    Keep fighting, it is worth it
  2. TacoKing

    TacoKing Fapstronaut

    Thanks for these tips, Fercho!
  3. Thank you for reading it @TacoKing
    I hope this will help you with your own reboot
  4. JelloCelloFello

    JelloCelloFello Fapstronaut

    Thank You for your consideration. These were great tips. :)
  5. I am glad you like it @JelloCelloFello
    I hope you find them useful
  6. Jazzdrummer

    Jazzdrummer New Fapstronaut

    Super good stuff, thanks.
  7. It is a pleasure @Jazzdrummer
    I hope it can be useful for your reboot
  8. Fedora

    Fedora New Fapstronaut

    Many thanks for the tips.
  9. Great to know that you liked them @Fedora
  10. RLT

    RLT Fapstronaut

    I've been unconsciously applying some of them for a while already. Like taking cold showers, exercising(bodybuilding) and also rebooted my computer, so everything is new.
    Now I'll start applying some of the others advices, like reading about my issue and therefore I'll have plenty more resources to fight this battle. I had to delete Instagram from my smartphone as well, as it was being the main trigger lately, so, another advice applied already.
    Thank you so much buddy!
    Lets keep on!
  11. I am glad you found some of the tips useful, I hope this helps you with your reboot
    Where are you from? I see that you live in Latin America.
    I was born in Argentina, live now in USA, and we are trying to create a group in Spanish.
    Let me know if you are interested
  12. Lintu_AR

    Lintu_AR New Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I was looking for a post like this one! :)
  13. RLT

    RLT Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I checked that thread, although I just rather to keep my information personal. Thank you for all you've done for me anyway.
  14. No problem @randomlatinguy , I understand
    Just in case you are interested, you just created a special group for Spanish Speakers, it will be great if you'd like to join us.ñol-fapstronauts.4/

    You can always keep your privacy and do not need to speak anything you do feel comfortable with
  15. It is a pleasure @Lintu_AR
    I hope that this helps you in your reboot
  16. Lintu_AR likes this.
  17. Lintu_AR

    Lintu_AR New Fapstronaut

    ¡Perfecto @fercho29! Acabo de enviar mi solicitud para unirme. ¡Muchas gracias!
  18. Que bueno @Lintu_AR
    No se si tengo que aceptarte, no veo la manera de hacerlo.
    Podes fijarte si ya podes escribir algo en el grupo asi probamos como funciona?
  19. aka711

    aka711 Fapstronaut

    man, thanks you for writing on my thread, It really saved me today. It's incredible how people with the same problem can help you overcome yours. Your tips are very practical and I will follow them.
    All the best
  20. Great to know that these tips were useful for you today @aka711
    Feel free to use them and add more tips if you have

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