Tips to Overcome 2 Pump Chump Syndrome When on Nofap

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  1. This is my biggest beef when I'm doing nofap. I end up getting really sensitive which makes me last like 1 minute in bed. Does anyone have any solutions that actually work?

    Here are some solutions I've thought of but they are highly imperfect:

    #1 Edge w/o lotion in order to de-sensitize the penis head w/o fantasizing.

    This is very tough as one can easily be tempted to fantasize during this exercise which could easily end the streak. It seems easier to just cut out M completely. But it definitely works in my experience. When I do a lot of masturbation, my dick just isn't as sensitive which definitely makes me last longer.

    #2 Only seek partners with whom you could practice slow and deliberate sex (like karezza, etc)

    This is very tough as it requires a lot of self-discipline to not jump into monkey mode. Its also not super easy to find girls that are open to this stuff. Plus this requires a bit more of an emotional connection with a girl so it's hard to set up if you just have FWBs and stuff.

    #3 Accept the fact that you're going to be a 2-pump chump for a potentially long time

    If you're doing a long streak of No PMO and you get laid during it, maybe it would be easier to just embrace the fact that you're not going to last long. Tell the girl something like "it's been forever since I last had it and you're really hot, etc" so she doesn't take it personally. Instead, then try to focus on foreplay and stuff like that.

    #4 Practice on tools like the STU (Stamina Training Unit)

    I'm not sure how much this actually works. I've owned one in the past and I think there was some benefit to using it. However, you're flirting with M which could make you fall off your streak. Not to mention the major blue balls post training session (which also happens a lot during sex with retention).

    #5 Invest in creams/gels to desensitize

    I don't have much experience with this. I should try it out before I criticize it.


    Any other suggestions? Right now, I'm leaning on either having a few edge sessions to keep sensitivity low and/or just being very selective with partners in order to find ones that are understanding about the situation. Both solutions are tough and come with their downsides.
  2. I think one of my conclusions is that if you're going to do nofap, option #1 may be the most practical but you need to be really careful. Don't call it edging. Call it a "desensitization drill" where you just use your hand with no lotion and rub the head of your glans to callus it a bit. Yes, it's tricky but it will help you with PE. Then of course you could practice breathing/muscle control.
  3. Thanks for the tips, this is definitely an issue with long streaks. I am thinking the best way around this is to do one very long streak for a reboot or working on your sex addiction before getting back to a normal relationship where hopefully there is some understanding on this issue.
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    Bro learn all the tantra breathing and stretching techniques out there to last longer and channel the energy.. I have taken 3 differnt classes / workshops with different teachers paths. You need to find what works best for you.. But i have learned a few simple breathing and yoga type exercises I do right before sex,, and if Im about to release, I stop and get off the girl and do them again right in front of her. They dont mind it as it makes me last longer anyway...
    Also, if you have a genuine heart connection with the person and are in love with them and are making love and not just screwing you will last longer automatically.. Some of the breathing techniques that are the best only work if you have a real heart connection to the person. Its internal alchemy and turning lead into gold. They say set an alarm clock for 2 hours so you dont keep screwing all night long.
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  5. Yeah, that's one strategy but the downside is that you have to practice strict self-control. Life isn't easy to predict and you might get a sexual opportunity out of the blue during your so called "fast". I rather be ready for it instead of putting it off but maybe this approach could work for shorter durations 30-90 days.
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  6. Very solid tips in there. I'm probably not having any true heart to heart connections soon but I have done the "get off and stretch/breathe" thing in the past. It's true that most women are understanding as long as you explain yourself a bit in a light hearted manner. This definitely requires some self-discipline but it has worked in the past. Another tool in the tool belt.

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