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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hard gainer, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. Hard gainer

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    I earlier quited smoking. But due to my rotational shift work, I somehow started smoking again. I am feeling very hard to quit now.
    Please suggest tips to quit smoking
  2. RavenGT

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    I stopped smoking cigs almost 5 weeks ago now

    I only smoked on average 5-10cigs a day for the past 5 months before that though. I had to stop smoking weed earlier this year after smoking bongs all day everyday (would bring in the car right before gym sessions aswell, didnt have any negative effects on my progress however) for the past 7 years. I mixed tobacco with weed and used an average of 3-5 cigarette worths with weed mix a day. started smoking cigs after having to stop pot to cope i guess coz i liked to smoke something and mixing tobacco with weed probably gave me a slight nicotine addiction

    The reason that gave me incentive to stop the cigs recently was that i kept looking up the bad effects of smoking tobacco. What gave me incentive to quit was hearing how it ages you, causes wrinkles, contribute to hair loss, lowers blood flow etc (why do nofap if tobacco can inhibit erection quality, 1 of many reason why we start nofap in 1st place) and the cost of tobacco is ridiculous where i live

    I always knew that smoking is unhealthy but wasnt fully aware of the aging factors etc so much. I said to myself i'd stop when i hit 30yo but when i realized these extra effects that made me stop already. Cravings are basically all gone now

    So maybe that will give u incentive to stop
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  3. Hard gainer

    Hard gainer Fapstronaut

    I very well aware of the bad effects. I really want to stop it. But I am facing very difficult to stop the urges. I planed to take help of professional
  4. Hard gainer

    Hard gainer Fapstronaut

    I feel like in vicious circle. Debt, ridiculous work schedule, smoking to feel temporary relief, personal life imbalance, stress due to that...... Each one is encourage other and working like chain. I can clearly see if break this chain effect It willl help solve most of the issues.
    Am not able to tell if am depressed but I am feeling not gud and not satisfied recently with life. Hoping this phase shall pass quickly....
  5. DeeJ4y

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    I quit smoking a few years back. It was a long progress, I tended to pick up smoking every once in a while for a short tine then tried to quit again.

    I stopped drinking as well. I always smoked when I drank. Also smoked when hungover, so I would start smoking after drinking. I quit that. Also I needed some time to myself, so I did not see my friends in 8 months. Of course the pandemic helped. But during the 8 months I found activities I enjoyed and I realized that smoking is not good, something I always knew. My friends smoke/ use tobacco bags and I would always get triggered when I was feeling low amd I would ask for some.

    It is a waste of money and it will fuck up your lungs. It will also make you moody, so you will never be fully happy.

    Just try and try again and again. It took me somewhere around 5-7years to quit, after the first time I realized that I should stop.
  6. Never had the issue but I have read that smoking herbs is a good way to wean yourself off of cigs, I do not think it is so much about the tobacco addiction as it is the act of smoking, you see smoking as a way to relieve stress and be social but what if you tried smoking something else instead? I smoke ashwagandha and I find it amazing for stress it will last all day and not 10 minutes like a cig, it is non addictive but still gives you the pleasure of smoking something, I like smoking because I used to smoke a lot of pot so it gives me that similar feel feeling mentally. So my recommendation to you is not to quit smoking all together right away but instead replace it with something else to smoke, after a while the nicotine addiction will be broken but your mind will be tricked because you are still smoking something else, after say a month give it all up, it is a pain to have to roll little ashwagandha joints and looks like weed but I dont care, it is not illegal so I can not get into trouble if questioned.
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  7. I smoked heavily for 35 years or so. I stopped after about the fith attempt though they were spread out over many years. I succeeded for two reasons:

    1. I was into a woman and want her to witness that weak side to me
    2. I used patches starting with the strongest ones and gradualy weening off them. I don't think I would have been able to handle to withdrawals without the patches and even with them it was a challenge.

    Alas, I succeeded. So you can definitely do it too.

    Best of luck!
  8. As you build up the good habits, you will have less time and desire for the bad habits.
    You will stop smoking because you want to.
  9. Archangel VIII

    Archangel VIII Fapstronaut

    Try nicotine patches or gum and gradually use less overtime.
  10. Addictus

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    I’m a expert at quitting smoking. Done it hundred of times. The thing that finally worked for me was to realize that I’m not hooked on cigarettes but the nicotine that the cigarettes transported into my body. So I just replaced the cigarettes with commit lozenges. After sucking on those a few months I replaced them with hard candy. Now here I am 10 yrs later and still nicotine free!
  11. In germany they have a whole website dedicated to that. I've read the whole thing and it really helped. They discessed there everything:
    1. Psychological
    2. Physiological Addiction
    3. History
    4. Statistics of smokers
    5. Money
    6. Habits
    7. Alternatives
    8. etc...

    So I found this one in english:
    I suggest to you to read the whole thing. It will prepare you psychologically.

    It has helped me quitting since Decemeber last year. I used to smoke a lot and justified it because of stress. Guess what, I've had extreme stress this year, but managed to kick this stupid habit.
  12. Who worries about stop smoking?!
    Stop masturbating! That's the most important thing!
  13. Emanresu94

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    There is a book from Allen Carr, its called "The easy way to stop smoking"
    I have read the book, but i didnt finish i did something like 200/240 pages and im still smoking, but i truly believe that if you finish the book you will quit smoking. Its very boring book but it is worth the effort to read it.
  14. Cirilla

    Cirilla Badass Mod

    Thanks for mentioning this book, I'm going to bring another perspective: I read the book back to back twice, with years between both readings, and continued to smoke profusely, and perhaps harder than before after finishing the book. It might work for some people, not for others. His way of thinking seems incredibly infantilising and reductive to me. But it obviously works super well for some people and I'm really happy about it :) Anyone that gets free of this ugly drug is an example.

    For me, the only thing that is working - even expensive hypnosis sessions didn't - was being utterly, completely, profoundly fed up and dissociating the drug from who I really am, and realising I actually hated smoking with a passion.

    Now, I haven't quit nicotine yet, because that's the actual chemical thing I'm addicted to, I'm vaping 11mg a lot daily and I am planning to gradually lower to 6mg soon. But at least I haven't touched a real cigarette in over two months, even when faced with my biggest triggers which is social situations and stress, and this is the closest to actually quitting I've ever been, more than when I wasn't touching nicotine for a month on end (and relapsing afterwards...). If you know me and my situation, you realise the actual weight of this miracle. Even lost my grandpa, which was extremely stressing, and my brother was smoking like crazy next to me, did feel the urge to smoke but I had no real reason to do it and it was just my brain paths tricking me, which is the best example of progress I can find.

    So if I was to give my 2cent no one asked for, I would say try absolutely everything and eventually something will work for you, and until you don't have the pure, unequivocal, absolutely 100% certain thought that you hate smoking, realising you actually do not want to do it because you despise it and that the chemical addiction is not the same thing as the act of smoking, it will be super difficult to take steps towards escaping it. God, just writing this now makes me realise I actually really fucking hate smoking. The slavish power it has over me on top of it all. Vaping is extremely far from ideal and I still need to kick out nicotine, but the act of smoking seems super unappealing to me now, and I've actually caught myself thinking "poor person" when going past smoking people in the street. I feel sorry for them!

    Pardon me, and I'm not going to say more, but this is a very indelicate and abrupt thing to say. Different people have different issues. I understand this is a NoPMO forum but we should all, myself included, try to be more empathetic
  15. hollyman

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    1. Exercise i used to jog every 2 _3 days
    2. Bear it, when the addiction kick and u feel that u will explode just bear with it.. in abbout 3 month it will be no more
    3. No cheating, no plan for cheating just dont think about cheating

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