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  1. Hello there friends!
    Last days I'm not feeling it. Not really feeling as motivated and as grounded. So I thought about involving some changes in my life this week. I will start tomorrow and will report here how things went for me everyday!
    So here's what I'm going to do for better changes!
    • Cold showers every morning. No matter what - 5 minutes in cold water to start the day fresh;
    • Diet. 2500 calories a day cause I've got to lose a little weight and get my diet together. Lately it's been a total mess;
    • Working out with kettlebells and bodyweight. Yes, workouts improve discipline, they help T levels grow a little bit. Workouts are just a lots of fun, sweat and challanges;
    • Breathing excercises. I think I will start with Wim Hofs good old 3 round thing. It's great. I've tested it and to me it seems to be really effective and it feels nice overall;
    • Reading. No, I'm not focused on reading a lot or a specific book. I just feel like I have to read at least a page a day. All that matters is that I learn something new everyday;
    • Last but not least - being better towards people. You might say that treating people accordingly might as well be a good way of living but I think that treating people kind and not reacting to all stupid stuff they do is way better. Just help people without expecting something back, say some good stuff to people everyday.
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    Good on you man, I did a similar thing when I started my routine and I haven't missed a day. Do it even when you feel like you can't. Know that everyday it will get easier ONLY if you do it everyday, yesterday was always harder than today, and you are working towards an easier tomorrow. Stay strong.
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    nice bro! im practicing most of what u listed what i do is for cold showers i save em for after my workout. i meditate as soon as i open my eyes and jump out of bed. i make it a goal to not go on my phone until ive finished my meditation session. i do about 5 to 10 mins. slowly working my way up. during meditation i first. tell myself what im grateful for, mainly waking up and not dying in my sleep lol, then i recite my mantras, then i begin my breathing exercises till my timer goes off. after that then i do the phone thing then workout then the cold shower.
  4. Tasks failed successfully. Don't know what is this thing that's happening to me, but today not feeling it at all. Let's start again tomorrow. I won't give up so easily.
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    do it tonight, you won't get anything done by laying off responsibility to your future self. If you continue to break the promises you make for your self it will become nigh impossilbe to get yourself to do anything. do it tonight.
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    Hey man, mood follows action, you got this
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  7. Day 2.
    Well, let's start with good stuff.
    I feel like I'm better than usual when it comes to treating people in certain way. I mean, sure... I still have a lot to work on, yes, but all in all I'm not letting my emotion control my day or the way I talk to people. So I guess that's a good sign of progress.
    Next is cold shower. Did it. Feeling great for the rest of the day because of it. I feel like people who have not tried it yet should try it. Really, it's an anti depresant thats for sure.
    Worked out with kettlebells and did some dips, so yup - done.

    Well, the not so good stuff comes in now.
    Diet. Nope. More than 2.5, but still kind of healthy.
    Reading. Nope. Will do some of it but probably not today.
    Breathing excercises - also nope.

    Good day is coming my way. I will do better.

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