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  1. I feel tired with my friends. I think they are don't understand me and don't interested in me. I also feel tired in building conversation with anyone. But i feel lonely and i need friends. I actually want to have fun, happy relationship with anyone. But it hard to make it. Can anyone help me?
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  2. Think hard and long about the decision cancel your friends out of your life. Friends come and go but loneliness, once that steps in, you will feel comfortable, safe and pleasant for a while. Time will come, and you will resent the decisions you made when removing them from your life.

    If you have already come to this conclusion, go to clubs, activities, and find new hobbies to make new friends. Keep your current ones close, friendship is hard to come by and socialising is like water.
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    I understand you,i have same problem in past with friends too,if they don't respect your time then walk away(That is decision you have to chose,i chose that decision and i can tell you i didn't regret).When i m on job i have colleague who is more than double age older than me and she is most serious women i ever seen,whole day we don't talk,except if she ask me something i give answer and rarely i ask her something,even if i don't talk i m comfortable with that.Try to find new friends or girlfriend,just follow your desires,all the best man.
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  4. Socializing and friendships are important but not vital. I can tell you from experience that if you are surrounding yourself with negetive or toxic people, you are bringing yourself down and that bad energy from them will transfer to you. If you arent on the same page with them, step away. People grow and change all the time. Im 30 years old and I legit have like 2 close friends. And I feel like thats alot. Good friends are hard to come by. I recently quit associating with a friend of 13 years, because they were moving in a direction that I dont agre with and I dont support.
    The same applies to family. I love all my family but ive recently had to remove a person very close to me in relationship because they are toxic and negetive. Im trying to be positive and happy and content in my life and Im not going to tolerate someone bringing me down even if they are my own parent.
    And honestly, I havent lost a minutes sleep due to removing these people. Im actually happier.
    The main thing in your life is being happy and attaining your goals, and you cant do that with people that are negetive influences. Cut those people out now, even if it hurts. Itll be better later. And at some point if they mature and grow, you may be able to be friends again. Good luck man.
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  5. thank you sir.
    I have some friends that collected porn, smoker addict, and alcoholic. I don't want to cut them from my friendship, because they kind of friendly, nice to me and i like them. They are my classmate. Also if i cut them from my friendship i think i will be lonely. Any suggestion sir?
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    Its not an advice but - sometimes you just so happen that you have outgrown your friend,
    and at the time of transition you might feel and experience real time loneliness,
    but - at the end of that tunnel you just might find a new group of people who resonate
    with you better - but as i said it's not an advice - everyone is different - some have
    friends from childhood for whole life - others are more of a lone wolf who from time
    to time joins in a pack.
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