To all of you that ask "is it a relapse, do I reset the counter??"...

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    You have to understand that your brain recovery doesn't care if you reset the counter or not, it will keep on recovering in it's own pace. The reset has to do only with your motivation and your relapse/chaser effect.
    The counter reset is not "game over" for your brain recovery, it's a punishment for you. So if you do something you shouldn't and you know it's hurting your recovery (and you do it on purpose! that's the key), then reset as punishment, but don't panic- your progress is not gone, you still have those 10, 20, 80 150 days of recovery, they are still there, UNLESS you binge or go back to your old ways (in which case it can actually worsen the problem and the addiction and make future nofap that much tougher).
    However resetting is not always correct- you might tell yourself "I relapsed anyway, so I might as well indulge until I start again"- that's the real danger of resetting and THAT'S the real relapse, not your moment of weakness that late lonely night. So if you saw some pic or had a wet dream or had a fantasy or washed yourself a bit more than you should in the shower :) , don't fret. Only you know weather you need this punishment, and open yourself to the danger of a severe relapse. So just be true to yourself and remember that only you can answer that question, not an anonymous person on a forum...
    for me, the counter is a measure of my success and a way to keep track of my recovery. I know that even if I have a slight moment of weakness (NOT PMO obviously- that's set in stone!), the recovery is still there. No need to hurt my motivation by erasing the visual representation of my way.
    If you break the rules you set for yourself- then yes, it's a relapse and reset the counter, but remember that it's a tiny setback in your recovery and barely hurts you, unless you give in...
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