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  1. Do you think fapping reduces the size of the penis like thickness, length.
    If it is, what is the reason behind it?
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  2. modernstore99

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    Fapping does not alter the shape, length, or size of your penis.

    However, excessive PMO causes your brain to have a diminished response to the same levels of stimulation, so over time, your penis can appear shorter, thinner, and less erect than before. Your penis isn't smaller, it just isn't living up to it's full potential.

    If you have noticed other symptoms of porn addiction (PIED, compulsive PMOing, desire for shocking porn themes, etc.), then if you quit, do a reboot, and then start having sex, you WILL notice your erections will eventually seem longer, thicker, and much more firm than before. You may also notice more vascularity and sensitivity in your penis, which is always nice.
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    I dont know if it is the same tho because mine is still small after any period of nofap.
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  4. modernstore99

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    This is also expected! YBOP has an article about this that I'll link to, but I'll explain it in my own way as well.

    First of all, everything I explained before is true.

    You consume lots of porn >>> your brain has a diminished response to stimuli >>> next time you consume porn your brain doesn't send as much blood down >>> less blood means smaller erection.

    Secondly, let's do a little anatomy lesson. Your penis is basically a bunch of really thin, long balloons all in parallel (the "hard part"), encased in a larger balloon (the skin). When you become erect, the thin balloons get pumped full of blood, but then are prevented from releasing the blood, causing your penis to take an erect shape and feel "hard". This causes the thin balloons to become strained and stretched; they are elastic, like most other fleshy body parts, and will return to their "normal" size, but this happens on a timeline of weeks to months as the cells heal. Additionally, the outer balloon will stay nice and "thick" from the bloodflow during erections, making it feel more loose and "skinfull".

    Lastly, why does your dick shrink while doing NoFap? During NoFap, you stop:
    • PMO sessions, sex, and other instances where you try getting erect
    • having "spontaneous" erections, largely during the Flatline period
    This significant lack of blood causes observable changes. Without the constant stretching of blood during erections, the elastic qualities of the thin balloons cause them to shrink in length and girth, making the meaty part of your penis seem much shorter and thinner than usual. Additionally, the skin of your penis, without a frequent "blood bath", becomes much thinner and tighter, making your penis feel tighter, smaller, and honestly just kind of sad.

    This happens to pretty much every guy that goes through a reboot. It's nothing to worry about. It is 101% TEMPORARY. Your flaccid penis size will return to normal after just a few weeks of having sex after your reboot (is your "normal" penis size the one you have now or the "stretched" version from erections??? Big questions of life hahaha).

    Additionally, your erection length, girth, and hardness will not be affected by this diminished penis size, so if you're worried about what the ladies feel, don't worry at all.

    PS: I think girls like it more for you to go from 2in to 5in than 3.5in to 5in, just saying haha

    HELP! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and/or libido are decreasing (the Flatline)
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  5. thank you and yeah, I've been having pied many years and I remember I had a high-average size of the penis when I was 14ish but ever since that excessive fapping started and my penis looks smaller than before. when I did NoFap for maybe a week, It looked like it got bigger but didn't reach my full size. So, it's better to keep staying on NoFap until fully recover, right?
  6. modernstore99

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    Yeah just do the 90 days and don't worry about your dick at all. Once you start having sex again, you'll feel great.
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    wow thanks modernstore99 it is very insightful.
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  8. phwrancesco

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    Masturbation reducing penis size is something they tell to scare you when you're young, like the boogieman. Don't be afraid of it.
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  9. Peter.Parker10

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    Not at all. You'll think it went smaller because you don't see it having as many erections as when you were fapping every day, but it will just be a stupid fear. When you finish your reboot and come back to having sexual activity, you'll see that it has its regular size.

    My advice: As long as you're going through a reboot, avoid obsessing on your penis, doing tests and touching that thing will lead you to relapse, so just let it go through its reboot too, man.

    To be honest, all we do with all this porn addiction is to abuse our friends down there, you know? If you've treated it aggressively and have asked so much from him PMOing or with excessive masturbation habit, he won't play ping pong with you anymore in the way you want him to play, he'll rebel and set his own rules (Just a warning against PIED).

    Hope that helps.
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  10. I think if you constantly masturbate very often your penis doesn't get fully erected any more, so it may seem to be smaller. When you stay abstinent for a certain period of time the full erections will return.
    Also, if you experience real strong desires, it may seem to you to be longer, thicker, harder because your mind is simuch occupated with it.
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