to avoid kinkier dating...?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by tom1990, May 16, 2019.

  1. tom1990

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    Hi guys

    So I've got the shemale/sissy addiction that seems so common around here.

    My question is - is it wise to avoid ANY kind of "unusual" or "fetishistic" dating scenario in real life?

    It could well be a real relationship (as opposed to watching porn) - but could it not also trigger/fuel existing problematic fetishes? Has anyone here got any experiences they can share???

    I've had a look around some kinky dating apps which (naturally) look fantastic, and I've even matched with two trans people on normal dating apps. Very unsure on this one..?!

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  2. Hros

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    It would probably be wise to wait a bit and try to move further with your reboot, in order for your mind to straighten out a bit, and then think again about how you about this kind of dating.
  3. Freedom_from_PMO

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    I think that it is bad idea when you date people because of some specific fetish. Porn addicts of all kinds have their partner selection warped and it leads to all kind of poorly chosen relationship.
  4. MonkMode [1Cor7:31]

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    When I was starting this new chapter of nofap...i had my smarthphone and these surrogate addictions popped up...including browsing too much youtube for shocking/dopamine fix style videos. And I joined a fetish-dating or lifestyle website and created a profile and everything.

    After just browsing and not messaging or meeting up with anyone, My conclusion was that it was just a bunch of thirsty dudes and not very many attractive chicks, and since I'm not gay, the chance for an encounter with a single woman seemed very low.

    Since I got rid of smartphone and got more into my work/career, (and much further into my NoFap recovery), all interest in fetish/bdsm crap has vanished...or evaporated.

    I came to realize that sexual activities outside a meaningful trusting relationship is just kind of sad...or at least I felt sad after each one night stand I had because there was nothing behind it. Also after each IRL sexual encounter the chaser effect was very great, and led to a relapse.

    I think when you get further up in your day counter to 60 days or so, you will see yourself having less interest in this type stuff.
  5. InnerFaith

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    if you dont want to be seen publicly with the person, dont date her/him it will only make them miserable
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