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Is being an atheist ok?

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  1. Hello everyone! I am currently confused whether I should be an atheist or a theist.
    I am to keep my identity as a secret for this one.

    Background- I belong to a religion that accepts atheism, tbh not many people know about this fact. I wish to keep my atheist thoughts as a secret from my relatives for a few years and I don't wish to hurt their emotions either.

    Story- Before I was a victim of bullying, I believed in Gods, I never questioned the existence of the divine being (None of my family members did this and they still don't do.).
    After going through the mental trauma of bullying, I started questioning the existence of God, though it wasn't very intense back then but nowadays it has become so intense that I feel that in a matter of few days I might start accepting atheism.

    Warning = The following might trigger some theists.
    My questions are like:

    1) Why is there poverty, hunger, war, hate, [email protected]!e and all wrongs in a world created by a perfect being? What can't the divine being cure it? (I read that some religions say it is because of karma and stuff)
    2) If our punishment by God is decided then, why do I need to pray so much?
    3) I can't see god, so why should I worship. I could worship the sun and other planets tho.

    The second reason also made me question like a nihilist a few times.

    These days I still do pray(very less tho.) to God just because it makes me feel safe I guess and also because of some incidents that I have seen, that seem to prove some reasons that God exists.
    But nowadays I feel that those incidents just occurred randomly or were just fluke, there was no involvement of the Supreme Being behind it's occurrence, this kind of reasoning makes me drift away from God and closer to atheism.

    Other Reasonings-

    I don't consider atheism as something wrong, but it makes me feel uneasy to become an atheist for some reason (probably because it will make me less safe etc.).
    But at the same time I feel that if I become an atheist, I might become a person who will be more self dependent than before.

    I really can't understand what to do in this situation, someone please guide me through this specific topic.
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  2. dandausa

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    Maybe try to read or listen to the book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. He was a guy who was raised a theist then became an atheist then became a theist. He's a really good writer and I think he talks about things clearly without getting stuck on minor details.

    Here's the audiobook if you want to listen to it.
  3. Hey, as a Christian, I also have doubts about my faith, even existence of God. However, that's part of a process that lasts for a whole life. At least, that's what Catholic faith is about - being a sinner trying one's best to love God and love others.

    If you're particularly interested in the religion I derive my thinking from, I can help you by recommending something for people like me and you - a book by Frank Sheed "Theology for Beginners." It should give you some clear answers to your questions. It shows Catholic way of thinking in a nice way.

    Don't be an atheist. Try to be a seeker. Cheers!
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  4. HolySpirit

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    At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make that decision. If you truly care about whether you want to be a “theist or atheist”, I suggest studying some religions to give you better understanding of their faith, then come to a conclusion which you think will inspire and motivate you to take the right path through life.
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  5. Lillercoaster

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    I would recommend the work of Aleister Crowley. He is truly an inspiration!
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  6. SickSicko

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    Wow wow wow isn't that some black magic stuff? :emoji_fearful:, just kidding, Crowley is brilliant in his own way, although not everyone's cup of tea.

    In my opinion you should be theist, 100%, but not attached to any particular deity, and worship life itself, not any deity, hahaha does this make sense? It may not seem like it, but it does.

    1. Why do you assume all of that is something to be corrected and not part of the divine?
    2. Who said you have to, some fellow human did, the punishment happens when you derail from the divine's will, the closer you are to the divine, the less punishment you suffer in life.
    3. You can't see love either, yet you can feel it within you. The divine works in a very similar way, therefore the misintepreted quote "God is love".
  7. ShadyPerson

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    Please do realize that no one is forcing you to pick one label and chain yourself to it. You don't need to make one final desicion. You don't need to please anyone else with your faith. In this crazy world with your little human brain, I don't even think you should worry too much about being right. These are complicated things after all.
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  8. Be a seeker of truth. Do not seek happiness if it blocks you from getting truth. Do not seek pleasure of it clouds your vision of truth. There is only one truth. Many times it's better to do the searching for yourself rather than let others tell you everything. Use multiple sources. That's how I have gotten closer to the Truth.
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  9. ShadyPerson

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    Any sourcematerial to prove these wild claims?
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  10. SickSicko

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    Nahhhh you know fuck all about Crowley for what you just said...have you even read his work?
    Fun fact: You can read it to learn and be more knowledgeable and not become a cultist or whatever ..
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  11. I am thankful and grateful to each and everyone for answering this question.

    I have decided to become an atheist. But I won't detach myself completely from the religion that I am made to follow, i.e. I will keep following it's good values. I take this decision because I feel that doing so would make me stop believing that some miracle can magically save me from the rat race that I currently am in, this would also make me self reliant and somewhat independent. I am doing this in a hope that I would become more hard working in the near future.
    As many advised, I will look into other religions and learn the values from them and will try to implement them in my life.

    Once again I thank you all for answering.

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