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    Hello, I'm 22 years old coming from Slovakia, doing university at the moment.

    I'm pretty much prone to any addiction. I used to drink a lot and smoke a lot. 8 months ago i quit cigarettes, it took lots of relapses until I was able to to quit for good. Since then the money, that weren't spend on cigarettes, were spend on alcohol.

    One night, blind-drunk & blind-high i tripped over road barrier and destroyed my face,when i hit asphalt with it. Fortunately it healed pretty quickly. But, since then I had to restrict amounts of alcohol drunk. Right now I'm considering whether to quit alcohol all together.

    Since I've quit cigarettes and restricted alcohol my life turned for much better. I glimpsed sense of self-control. Now I aim to glimpse not yet discovered greatness.

    But, the biggest challenge for me were always computer games, I've been addicted to them since I was circa 12 years old. Few minutes ago i deleted Guild Wars 2 for 4th time. I Don't even dare to guess how many times I've deleted Dota 2.

    When I don't play games I fap, When I don't fap I play games. I'm trying to kill two flies with one hit.
    I set 30 days goal of NoFap, starting right now.

    Thank you for your time spent over this story of my life.
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    good luck and i sincerely hope you find your not yet discovered greatness!

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