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    Ok so I signed up this site after seeing a video on youtube of a success story. I had vaguely heard of the term but wasn't exactly sure what it was. So i visited the website and here I am. I've been telling myself I want to give up porn and masturbation for a while now. Sick of telling myself "no more" and then getting horny again 20 minutes later. Not good. I feel as though it has had a negative domino effect on my relationships both social and lovers. I know I have much more to give to the world yet I spend my free time smoking weed and jerking off lol. After learning about the scientific effect porn has on your brain, I am almost certain this plays a big role in my depression and mood swings. This has also affected my ability to hold down a job. I have been single since September 2018 and finding it hard to move on. However I am not the type of person who hates to be alone, I actually like it most of the time and I have lots of dreams and ambitions which are calling me to focus on them. Yet knowing you are not alone with these "issues" helps alot and I ak extremely inspired by the success stories and everyone trying to better themselves. Good luck to everyone. One Love
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    Welcome to NoFap. Yea, it's pretty disheartening and frustrating to say no more and relapse soon after. Porn has definitely damaged your relationships and social life, with it corrupting your integrity and willpower. We are here for you, and will help you with this struggle brother, cause we all struggle with this demon. Wish you the best.
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    Welcome to the community. Wise decision to join here.
    Good luck with the journey..
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    Welcome to infinity and beyond!!!
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