To just what extent is masturbation injurious?

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    To just what extent is masturbation injurious?

    Many writers of the present time are undoubtedly doing much harm by belittling the effects of self-abuse. They have so much to say about the exaggerations of the early writers that the reader is likely to get the impression that the habit is not so injurious after all, and therefore does not try to break it. I quite agree that the alarmist view is not usually desirable, because it sets up a train of worry in the mind of the young man or woman which only aggravates the trouble and makes the struggle against it harder. But at the same time it is foolish to give the impression that the practice is of little importance, or to say that nearly every one has been addicted to it and that most of them have survived with good health and functions unimpaired.

    The fact is that masturbation is always detrimental, even in the most moderate degree, and when carried far is extremely destructive. If not commenced until after mature years have been arrived at the results will be less serious.

    It is really true that when practiced extensively in the early years of youth the results are often almost serious enough to justify the horrible pen pictures painted by the sensational and exaggerating writers of a generation ago. And even in adult life it is sufficiently debilitating, robbing a man of his bodily energies, his mental strength, his spirit and his ambition, besides weakening the sex function itself and inducing a condition of general unfitness for marriage. It is a serious matter even in adult life.

    The great consideration to keep in mind is that the harm depends very largely upon the extent to which, and the length of time during which the practice has been carried on. Fortunately, as I have said, many break the habit as soon as they learn its serious character. In other cases, it may have taken such a hold as to be very difficult to break, but by continually struggling against it the frequency with which the practice is indulged in may be so reduced as to lessen the harm done. In many such cases the habit is finally broken only after two or three years of fighting against it.

    It is well to remember, also, that some constitutions seem to be much stronger than others in this respect and can stand far more abuse, just as some men can tolerate more alcohol and tobacco without showing the immediate effects, even though these poisons are continually injuring them. There are some who claim that masturbation never did them any harm. The man who feels this way about it was probably gifted by nature with prodigious sexual strength. But I do not think this can ever be truthfully said. I cannot agree with those who hold that it is only the excess that is harmful. This practice is injurious no matter with what moderation it may be indulged in, just as alcohol and tobacco, even in small quantities, are harmful, in spite of the fact that the user may not be able to see the effect immediately.

    The fact is that masturbation is always weakening and devitalizing, either in youth or in adult life. It is a process of accomplishing gradually what castration accomplishes suddenly. It means the slow undermining of manhood and all that goes with it.

    The fact that the victim may still be able to dress himself and walk about and eat does not necessarily mean that he is a man. It does not indicate that he has not been harmed. The results may range in different cases all the way from nocturnal seminal losses and varicocele down to complete impotence. Let the young man who finds himself hopelessly impotent ask some of these physicians what they mean by saying that the habit is not especially harmful.

    Masturbation tends to exhaust the nerve-centers of the spine. It also produces such a congestion of the various organs and glands of the reproductive system, and taxes their strength to such an extent as to cause varicocele, prostate enlargement, urethral inflammation, especially of the posterior urethra, possible atrophy of the testicles or other parts, seminal losses and other special disorders which will be taken up thoroughly in later chapters.

    The general bodily effects of masturbation, apart from the effect on the generative system itself, are to be seen in a lack of energy or general lassitude, a weakened muscular system, an all-around lack of development, sometimes a dragging gait, weakness of the bladder, or urinary symptoms, a pale or sallow complexion, often with dark rings around the eyes, as well as pimples and blackheads, poor memory,. difficulty in study or mental concentration, lack of self-confidence, a tendency to avoid the society of others, especially that of the opposite sex, and an inability to look other people in the eye.

    The personal appearance does not, however, always indicate addiction to this habit, contrary to the statements of some of the old writers. When the individual has inherited extraordinary vitality, his natural strength may enable him to endure considerable abuse without showing it externally, so that we cannot, as a rule, judge by appearances.

    The nervous results of this habit are serious, being in the case of many women victims, the most pronounced of all. Neurasthenia frequently follows, and failing memory and brain fag are commonly experienced. After the habit has been broken there will be a gradual recovery from these conditions, but so long as one suffers from excessive night losses or spermatorrhea one will continue to feel these effects of nervous depletion.

    There are some good authorities who still hold that masturbation or sexual excess in exceptional and extreme cases may cause paralysis or locomotor ataxia, and it is possible that these conditions might result from the exhaustion of the nerve-centers of the spine. In many cases those who have abused themselves complain of aches and pains in the spine, which, perhaps indicate the partial breaking down of the nerve-centers, but paralysis and similar disorders, if possible at all, would result only from extreme and pro-longed abuse of this kind.

    There is no doubt that this habit is the predisposing cause of death in thousands of cases in which the death certificate by the physician names some specific disease.

    (Excerpt from Manhood and Marriage (1916), Bernarr Macfadden)
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    That's why anti-porn feminists (YBOP, TGMP, NF) are so fond of masturbation. They still want to castrate men.
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    I don't know if they really want to castrate men but I can guess why they aren't anti-masturbation. According to various 'authentic sources' from the Internet, masturbation has several 'proven benefits.' I guess it's easier to just be anti-porn than anti-porn and masturbation. Otherwise they would have to argue with these 'authentic sources.' Also, it's easier for a crowd to accept that porn is bad and masturbation is good than to accept that both of them are bad.

    To answer OP's question, masturbation is bad even by itself. I was addicted to masturbation even without porn. It is addictive and it is harmful. Maybe it's not so bad if it's controlled (like once a week or something). But once you cross a line, you can't control it (or at least it is very difficult to do so). And it is very easy to cross that line.
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    In the end it's about controlling men, by different interest groups (lobbies) with different goals.

    Pornography is used to control men. Pornography becomes useless without masturbation, which is why pro-porn groups encourage it. However looking at screen content frees men from engaging with the other sex, which follows the agenda of the pro-porn interest group.

    The anti-pornography crowd doesn't want that side effect, and aims at gaining even more control over men using sex (and masturbation). That's why they fight pornography. The "Partner Support" section of this forum is essentially about aging wives not wanting to lose control over their husbands.

    My own stance as a bachelor is a neutral one about screen content (don't care) and a fully negative on masturbation, so I don't follow either school, while looking at not harming myself.
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    The degree or intensity of the harm that Masturbation can do to one’s health is not understood fully( indicated by an acute lack of Articles/Studies about it ).

    But I could say:
    A person is utilising his/her abilities Below Average if he/she indulges in Masturbation.
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    Well I think I burned off half my nerve endings last night
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  7. I'm on-board with this. I just find it odd that he found the time to write it in the middle of WW1.
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    he wasn't masturbating so he had extra time haha
  9. :D
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