To the real victims of our addictions

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    I only came across this section of the forums recently and reading some of your stories is truly heart breaking.

    I pray that everything works out for each and every one of you and I wish you all the utmost happiness in your lives because you are the real victims of our addiction.

    Thank you sharing your stories here - I have even read about one person today who is in a physically abusive relationship and a victim of marital rape because of this addiction :(

    As a result, I personally feel more motivated than ever to break the cycle because no one should make their partner feel that pain you experience. You all deserve to be loved and appreciated.

    Please understand though that a lot of us were unintentionally exposed to porn at a very young age and it has taken some of us years to understand there is a problem at all - so it’s not an easy journey to break the habit. However, I am confident that the support you are giving to help people like us will certainly go along way in breaking the cycle.

    You are all in my prayers and once again I wish you all the best.
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  2. Thank you for appreciating every SO and their story.
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    It's nice that you're seeing it from another POV, lots of men really dont realise what their actions are doing to their SO until the damage has been done, imo it's easy to forgive him however almost impossible to trust him, which is ultimately (again imo) worse than the addiction, the PIED, the agressiveness. The fact your SO, lies so easily and repeatedly, destroys so much more than just sex life and your confidence, its destroying the relationship. I think most the ladies/SO on here are amazing, iv only been dealing with this issue 2 years and iv ignored it for most of that, iv let it slowly destroy me, its like a disease taking over . Someone Iv grown to respect alot on this site told me, you have to forget about the relationship you thought you had, it was never that with the lies and deceit and work in the relationship you do have, accept what you cannot change and change what you can. I may not be able to stop my husband and his PA l, however I can change how it effects me and without this site that glaringly obvious statement would have never have crossed my mind, some of the SO have been suffering alot longer than me, in some ways that's scares the shit out of me, knowing I too could be doing this in 10 years, however the SO here are strong and resourceful and there for each other, it's a beautiful thing to come out of something so horrible. I hope and pray for every SO on here that their lives improve and their relationships improve. Thank you to all the SO your stories have kept me relatively sane the past few weeks, and to the PA who are trying, thank you for trying, doesnt matter if you fail 100 times or more the fact your trying to improve your life and SO life and overall relationship can only be a good thing.

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