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    IMG_20201113_114649.jpg I don't know what to write to the title. Ok so 45 day not pmo, not sugar, not sleep under 8 hours and not sleep after 12 pm completed. Im 18 years old. I did 2.5 year pmo. Sometimes 4 times a day. And 1.5 year tried to do nofap(terrible times). My last longest streak is 21 day and when i was there i feel absolutely great(6 months ago).In this time i went deeper and deeper in my life.This streak i felt terrible most of the time. Im an aerospace engineering student, i love space very much and wanna do great things. Like working on mars or moon projects. but im not studying, im just a lazy fuck. I know my "unfuck youself" thing is different but i made it myself. Im just missing the olddays, old days things, old days lifestyle. I can't be more lazy dumb anymore.I started again bodybuilding. I promise myself to im gonna live a super life. See you in the good days :)
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