To Those Who Feel It Takes Too Long

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    Hey there.
    First off, this isn't exactly a success story. I'm only on day 4 (Sorry if I was supposed to post this somewhere else, just felt like this was the right place for it.. hear me out, please). I still feel urges daily, and I know I have a long way to go. But I wanted to create this thread to help inspire all the people who look at "30 days!" or "365 days PMO free!" (no offense to the people who posted those, you guys are amazing) and think "man, 1 day is hard enough, if it really takes 30 days to feel the difference it's not worth it".
    This idea couldn't be less true. I'm only on day 4, and I'm already feeling undeniable differences. Back when PMO was a daily activity for me, I'd spend my days at school sneakily looking at girls, doing everything I could to catch a glance at them or maybe take a picture so I could go home that day and spend hours on PMO. Since I've stopped, I've become slightly more confident and I've began to notice the features of a girl that matter: her smile, the look in her eyes, her style, the way she does her hair, and more. Of course I still glance at some cleavage now and then, but instead of oggling at it for way too many seconds and feeling ashamed, I'll move on from that, look at how pretty her face is and just smile.
    As well, I'm already starting to feel the productivity people notice after being clean for months upon months. Even if you spend less than an hour on PMO (which I did), I feel like afterwards your body just kinda enters zombie mode and lazes about until you fall asleep. In the 4 days I've quit I've become insanely more productive. Tonight alone I completed two college applications, sent my SAT and ACT scores to colleges, set up my first Bank Account with online financing, worked out, made a Christmas wishlist and ordered a few presents, and I still want to keep going! When I did PMO regularly I'd wait until the last minute (like, drive to school early to type an essay the day it was due) to do everything. Tonight, I feel like staying up late tonight to finish calculus homework so I have more freetime over Thanksgiving Break to spend with friends! I never used to think like that! (Update: did 8 pages of calculus and read 3 chapters of 1984, by George Orwell in the rest of the night)
    So, for all those fearing how much time it will take before you feel the difference, don't be afraid, just go for it and you won't regret it! The benefits of being PMO free are incredible, and the longer you're PMO free the more you feel them! You all have the power to break free, and I believe in each and every one of you!
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  2. Doesn’t matter where you post it man. Posts like yours that has some content deserve appreciation and a like.

    Nice post. Cheers.
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    Great post. It's true you don't have to wait around for the 'super powers' to kick in, just do a few things even mundane things like clean up your room and get some exercise... everything starts to come together.

    It's challenging to keep going, but reminding ourselves of the benefits is the way to keep trying, keep going, keep changing what doesn't work. Nice one!
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    This is very inspiring