To those who think having a cheeto dick is bad

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Fallacious D, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Saw this in my feed dont ask
  2. I'm not asking... If you have valuable knowledge and make it be a confidence booster share it. haha
  3. ByTheRiver777

    ByTheRiver777 Fapstronaut

    Hey Fellacious D cool g-spot do you want to bring to the whitehouse?
  4. ruso

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    Right… just randomly showed up in your feed…
  5. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    If your penis looks like a Cheeto, I do not think that is healthy. Aren’t they deformed?

    And how did that video end up on your feed?
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  6. I don't have a dick but I'm still going to watch this for education purposes only
  7. Update: learned a lot of things, cause I guess it's even easier as a girl if the thing hitting the g spot has to be bent, I am satisfied with this piece of educational information
  8. searched up "cheeto dick", wasn't disappointed
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  9. you may not have a cheeto-shaped dick but you sure as hell can buy a cheeto-shaped cheeto
  10. uhh you know youtube ehh recommends weird things to me ya know haha
  11. What the fuck is a cheeto dick
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  12. dnr
  13. dna
  14. u did tho
  15. Pentatonic

    Pentatonic Fapstronaut

    "And foreplay makes-"

    And we'll never know.
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  16. jarvyjarvison

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    Who else out there thought this was gonna be about Trump?
  17. How to Reach the G-Spot with a Cheeto Dick: Donald Trump x fem! Reader fanfic
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  18. I believe She may be getting a rise out of people as well. I mean all Gal's have different G spots; so it varies especially on what they go after.
  19. I'm not surprised this is up on the internet. lmao
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