To those who think Masturbation is healthy

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    The most challenging matter for all is PMO is very much different from alcohol or drugs..You can choose always not to have any ciggerate or that drug for your lifetime but we cannot be free from all those sex related pictures,news,triggers,movies and many more.We need to resist those.For me for masturbation NO edging and for porn I being very true to myself ask myself the thing I am viewing or about to view is it porn,related to it or confusing part whether its P or related.
    For related I call filth which should be as minimum as possible because its a PLAIN WASTE OF TIME.For confused part no matter what it is,its P and for porn totally blocked.I understood PM totally when I viewed Ran Gavrieli TED talk,read some shelley luben articles,Napolean Hill's best chapter on Sex Transmutation,the site best site on PMO)
    Some other helpful sources:
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    I agree with most of what you say except for this part :

    Never been addicted to drugs or smoking or alcohol but I know a few people that were/still are struggling with this and I know it is probably easier to recover from PMO addiction than smoking addiction and I'm not affraid to say it on ! I've been through some hard stuff and I'm still going sometimes... But this is probably far from what a cocain addict has to deal with, at least I think. You can see people drinking alcohol everywhere on TV and ads and people give you cigarettes everytime at parties or smoke at the bus stop and so on.

    Anyway thanks for the links you have it is really cool to have some more informations about that ! ;)
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    It's not different at all. I used to smoke one pack a day, I quit over 20 years ago. It was really hard at first, but the more time passed the less I craved it. Today I can walk out on a break with smoking friends, and stand right next to cigarette, and I could care less. I used to PMO for about 20 years, and I quit it cold, like cigarettes, 6 months ago. It's not any different. You want it. You don't do it. Period. Seeing sex scenes in regular movies is akin to standing to smoking person. It does not affect my resolve.
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    We'll I have struggled with drug addiction. I quite ciggaretts, marijuana, and opiates. And I'm here to tell you porn and masturbation is harder to quite mainly because it's attached to you and the thoughts stay with you.

    But I will say opaites are much more painful to quite and cause more harm to the brain circuits I think.

    If I had to put those things in order of addiction it would be high dose opiates, porn, ciggaretts, marijuana

    Marijuana is addicitve but more habit forming like when I think about it I don't get the butterfly in the stomach and over whealming feeling and change in heart rate like you get when you fantasies about porn or girls or whatever.

    I would also add that pmo addiction is more similar to cocain , even though I never used it, I've heard people talk about a cocain craving were they start thinking about it and get that butterfly in stomach feeling. Also they have a lot of dreams about it.
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    Wow most of those articles present a very one sided view of things...

    Also dude is English your first language? Because damn that was hard to read.

    I would be very careful before swallowing articles with undoubtedly cherrypicked statistics. Indeed, your sources all pertain to PMO not MO. Overall a poorly constructed argument and post. :(

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