Today I sinned!

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  1. What are you talking about? What does being rational have to do with selfishness and violence?
  2. Again, what the hell are you talking about? Are you saying I’m evil because I don’t believe in your fantasies? I’m done with this thread. You are all a complete waste of time.
  3. SpiritfilledBeastmode

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    My faith is strong.

    'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'

    That includes you, man. Seek Jesus, He will save your soul.
  4. There is
    Lol what nonsense makes you think God is going to punish you or you're unrepentant for being attracted to a member of the opposite sex
  5. Want I read the bible saily and these guys dont know what this scripture means. Lust is pursuing sexual advancements with members of the opposite sex
  6. Why cant you just stay to yourself if you dont believe in God?
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  7. Jesus taught from the scriptures and acknowledged the bible as Gods word how do you put obey Jesus but dont read the Bible
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    The wonderful thing about God is that he is ALWAYS with you.
    Psalms 139 verses 7-10: " where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I Ascend into heaven you are there! If I make my bed in sheol you are there! If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea. Even there your hand shall lead me and your right hand shall hold me."

    Go read the entire chapter one of my favorite psalms. You are a good man.

    Also if you havent already you should join the Christian Fapstronauts group
  9. That chapter doesn't state that God can't leave you in the sense of the HG not dwelling anymore in you.

    I also know that the Holy Spirit can leave one because I got handed back to slavery.
    If you grieve the Holy Spirit multiple times, He'll eventually leave you until you repent. I was there and I clearly know that.
    Do you know Psalm 51:11, Judges 16:20, 1 Samuel 16:14 ?

    I don't join any groups here, I don't see why I should.
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  10. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    Painful to read. U insulted God (Allah) and one of his messenger Jesus (may peace be upon him) by considering him as a god. He never claimed to be God and there isnt a single sentence in the bible (even if it's corrupted) proving that statement. Just listen to Ahmed Deedat (may God bless his soul) about Isa (Jesus) may peace be on him). About curing people doctor do it too and there is a big part of psychology and placebo. And about what happened to u (when u suffered) u better know that every time that a man suffer God forgives him sins and God is with the patient
    people, and even His messenger suffered.

    "Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?
    But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars." al Quran Surah 29 verses 2/3.
    salam (peace).
  11. SpiritfilledBeastmode

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    Believe me when I say that I am speaking to you in love with this response. We cannot twist scripture in order to get away" with sinning. It is very easy to read scripture and use our human reasoning to make it into something demonic. What Jesus is saying here is very simple; if you look at a woman with lust, then you have committed adultery in your heart. There is no added logic. He does not explain this away. Every single translation of the word says the same thing.

    I implore you to not harden your heart to what I'm saying, but rather surrender to the will of God and his Word.
  12. I changed my mind, I want to reply to that after googling Deedat and remembering who he was.

    I won't discuss allah (your god) and Jesus (may His Peace be upon you).
    But instead will show a picture of Deedat.

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  13. hey bro I actually admire your self honestly and degree of self-criticism

    I normally tell people to not do it but I feel you are doing it in a very healthy way - because you mentioned that you don't feel any guilt for it now that you have released it publically.

    I think the minute you 'sined' is when you chose to go to her - I invite you to investigate your intentions for going to see her or help her.

    If you go there to 'feel good' being around a women, then it is questionable, but if you go there to be of service to her, and to discipline your eyes to see her as your own sister/mother/daughter then you can experience love and fun without lust.

    Like if your mom/sister dress nice you can see her and tell her she looks beautiful but you won't have any lust in your mind, but that is possible if your very deeply in GOD awareness and meditating/praying "without ceasing"

    I have the same challenge every day - I go to the starbucks and I see beautiful women or girls who are dressed super sexy, one thing that has helped me so much is to see the illusory nature of women's beauty.

    This is something I did recently which helped alot -

    1 Do a search on google and find a page where you can see faces of women before and after applying to make up
    2 then hold a paper on the side that hides her before picture and you can only see the after pictures of beautiful women.
    3 Then go down the list and look at each beautiful women who you would be certain she is attractive and sexy, then see her without makeup

    I find that exercise really enables me to see women in the real world more honestly and avoid being hypnotized by their make up.

    I also learned that the makeup is made of 3 things

    1. The contrast between eye color and skin tone
    2. Red lips
    3. Red/colorful cheeks

    these 3 are exactly what happens when a woman is in heat and is attracted to someone and wants to reproduce.

    So when we see a woman who is wearing makeup, it is literally sending a message to our million old brains that this person is ready to reproduce and is attracted to you right now!

    So no wonder we start to feel attracted!

    So to counteract this, through mindfulness and presence, we can investigate her look, look at her eyes, they are fake colors, look at her lips, they are fake - take away the makeup, and make her wear a white shirt and a normal clothing without all the curves showing, you will have a normal human being there -

    Another thing that is helpful is to remember no matter how beautiful this woman looks, she will not be very beautiful when she is angry, hungry or jealous.

    I say this with all the love and respect for women but they are much more emotional and irrational when they get upset, so keep that perspective that behind those beautiful smiles there may be a wild beast waiting to attack. :)
  14. Cobramzi

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    Seems like you're taking it too far, religion is great, but you seem obssessed with it. It really isn't as bad as you're making it sound like.

    Also, you were really being disrespectful towards Islam, for someone who is so crazy about Chrisitianity, you seem to be hateful towards another religion, which looks really hipocritical.

    By the way, please tell me you dont actually believe Ahmad Deedat was actually silenced by Jesus, and that it's not just a weird coincidence? (if that even happened in the first place, and it's not just some christian propaganda)
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  15. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    When u can't defeat anyone by argument you just try to make fun of his life and death. Even the pope refused to meet him (may God bless his soul ) in public
    In islam when u suffer God forgives u sins, the Messenger of God (Peace and blessings of God be upon him) suffered 13 days before he died. Trust me suffering on the earth is nothing compared to the Hereafter and its a gift from Allah (Glorious and Exalted Is He).
    " But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not." Al Quran Surah 2 verse 216

    That was my last answer to u, i wont talk anymore with smne laughing at dead people. Shame on you for what u did. And God is the most Merciful.
  16. Thank you.

    I think that was the case, the first time I wen't to her just to talk. I'll try my best to avoid such situations.
    The second time, I looked for work because my intention was to stay as long as I could at work. It also went well for a quite long time but eventually, I failed. I should have left her immediately when I got tempted the first time.

    Right now, I'm "worrying" more about the strong possibility that she'll come back and see that I'll not be interested in her anymore. That'll likely cause disappointment. She already looked quite disappointed when she wanted to leave and I told her that I still wanted to stay there.
    Maybe she'll forget the whole thing the next time we meet which would be the best-case scenario.

    I like women much better without (the often demonic) masks.

    Although I don't desire these attitudes at all, I don't think they noticeably affect the beauty of women. Well, it depends on how hungry she is.

    Lastly, it's not like I struggle daily with lust. These were just two lapses which were caused by different reasons which I still should have overcome through being more attentive.

    But your points can help others, especially those who are at the beginning of their journey and aren't mentally ready yet. Therefore kudos for your efforts.
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    I suspect rhat what you were feeling was more of a temptation and a fantasy to act out a sin.
    You can congratulate yourself that you, in fact, did not actually carry out the temptation, and this should be the more prominent emotion as opposed to the feeling of guilt for having the temptation.
  18. Akelly100

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    Yep I'm with you

    I had a really messed up relapse

    So... I was praising the Lord at church went home and jerked off and I'm like

    Bro what the frik!

    Anyways then I'm like to myself, don't you dare binge!

    ... but I binged thoroug the night

    Then I woke up and jerked off even more

    Then I tried spending time with God for help because I'm a Christian then I went for a run

    And relapses again! Yeah seriously messed up right?

    Anyways then I joined the nofap community for the first time any was telling all my fellow nofappers how I am sooo done with Jacking off!! No more !

    But unfortunately I jerked off some more after that ):

    Just so tragic like I mean pathetic and disturbing

    Anyways here I am on day 1 yay then again I survived like 3 hours on day 1 back to day 0

    This is too much I need serious help

    Maybe I'm too far gone it's all over
  19. Never give up, I'll PM you.
  20. Brothers,

    When we boil all the BS which MAN has injected into the conversation the matter before us here is two diametrically opposed points of view:

    1) As the Bible teaches mans heart is wicked, that we are weak, that there is true evil and true righteousness, that there is a transcended creator God.

    2) That man is inherently good, that we can all of us be whatever we want weak or strong, that evil and goodness are simple matters of relativism, if there is a God, he is in everything, including man.

    Soldier of God, I understand where you are. I agree with you as well, sin is the root of all evil. Temptation is a tough nut to crack and then draw on the strength only God can grant to walk away from it. When we feel guilt and shame it makes us a conduit for more sin, just look at the first few chapters in Genesis. Its very telling when God is asking Adam and Eve if they broke is only command and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they start the blame game right off! Eve blames the serpent, Adam actually tries to infer the God has blame when he says "that woman you gave me"... LOL I mean its all very simple when you see the outcome and very human response of the first sin. They didn't want to take responsibility, they now knew shame and guilt.

    Brothers, remember this is not the world which God the Father would have chosen for us, our fore-bearers chose this. In essence we chose it any time we brake one of Gods commandments. The Bible teaches 3 powerful lessons to help us combat temptation.

    1) God created us in HIS OWN IMAGE, this is extremely significant as further reading will show that we are unique in all of creation in this way. It implies that we indeed are very special to Him, that he is deeply invested in us. When we defile ourselves in any way, but I think especially sexually, it is a direct assault on God.

    2) The lord of this Earth is not God, it is Lucifer, recall that in the gospels he attempts to temp Jesus by offering him dominion over the earth. In the Bible Lucifer declares, "it was given to me". This is his play house, his pit of many snares, he is looking to corrupt us all anyway he can. Guilt and shame it seems are some of his favorite tools.

    3) The Bible teaches us to "be in this world, not of it". We are commanded to overcome this world, to draw strength from God to do so. It all comes down to the hardest lesson for any believer, SUBMIT. Because only true submission to the will of God can carry us beyond this fallen world.

    All food for thought... Peace and grace to you all!
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