Today I won't masturbate because...

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by MaxLivre, Oct 14, 2018.

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    Today I won't masturbate because... the love of my life is real and beautiful and not some disgusting pixels on a screen.

    Hi this is Max, and today I'm starting NoFap. I'll be attempting (and completing) the hard mode for 90 days. From there, I think that I'll be so much more confident, creative, socially-active, happy, intelligent, brain-cleared, motivated to try new things every day, and probably with the girl I love.

    I have a feeling this is going to be an incredible journey, maybe one that is extremely hard but also infinitely rewarding. What I want is to completely eliminate PMO from my life (and replace it with healthy and natural sex/ sexual encounters), so that I can have more time, be less stressed, less anxious, less feeling like I'm brain-dead some time ( everything feels boring) and all the amazing benefits I've listed above.

    Today is day 1, and I'm going to write one entry a day until I finally make it to 90 days, happiness and real life.

    Thank you for putting me back on the right track NoFap,
  2. MaxLivre

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    Okay, day 2 now: Today I won't use porn because I want to have the time, energy and passion to be with my loved ones, spend quality time with them and not waste a single more minute of my time, life and energy to PMO.

    Today wasn't that hard (the first day never is), I was strong and I reminded myself who I was doing this for when I had a tiny urge (btw the hold your breath method works wonders and allows a quick snap back to reality).

    I love the 90 day challenge which will make me good as new right in time for Christmas.

    I don't need to say more, I'm already getting better, more intelligent, concentrated, determined, and the brain fog that makes me vegetative is slowly but surely disappearing for good.

    Thanks NoFap,
    See you tomorrow fapstronauts
  3. I wonder how Max is doing.

    Today I won’t masturbate because I’m a boss on a mission to full recovery and I ain’t about to give it all up for some pixelated nonsense. LOL

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