Today is my 90th day

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Caline, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Caline

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    Hello people,
    Today is my 90th day and i just opened an account to write a post and share you how i feel. I actually wanna share because i really dont know what to do or expect after my 90 days goal finished. This forum helped me a lot at the times of relapse risk.

    Firstly i should introduce my previous situation. I was PMO addict especially with virtual reality headsets for the last 2 years and almost PMOing everyday for the last 13 years. I am 27 years old. Only enjoy and relax i had in this life was whem PMO.

    During this 90 days hard mode i only had 2 release. First one was a wet dream at 55th day and the second was a BJ around 60 days. I experinced blue balls twice around day 30 and 80.

    The biggest effect of this nofap thing for me is i became more relaxed and i got my anger bursts under control. My overall mood and anxiety levels got better and i m not experiencing mood swings like before. I could say that my inner peace balanced in a better and more calm way.

    I didnt have a GF and still dont have. But i can see the little positive improvements in my interaction with women because i am calmer and i have less anxiety around them.

    I was never an asocial type so it didnt help me a lot with socialization. But it helped to improve my overall stable relationships. I passed my social anxiety around when i was 21 years old. But i can understand and see that how this nofap thing would help anxiety and low social skills at high antisocial people. So if you are one of them u must do this.

    My problem now is i really dont know what to do after this 90 days. I really dont want to count my days now since i achieved this goal. I dont want to PMO also. But PMO is the thing i get used to so much in the last 14 years that it became a part of me and i really dont know how to feel whole without it. So i can feel the emptiness in me at its abstance.

    All addictions are hard to pass over. Because it creates a hole inside u when u quit them. I hope i can find my way to fill this hole with better things. I also quited binge youtube watch and mobile games at the same time with nofap. I tried quit smoking but its like impossible i couldnt do it. I smoke 3 packs a day. I hope i can quit it as soon as possible. I dont wanna have koah or other diseases and die.

    My fellow people, its really hard to do this nofap thing without relapse, i didnt relapse and it was my first try and i did it. But i can understand if u relapse and it is totally normal so please dont give up and try again as soon as u relapse and dont beat yourself too much and dont got sorry too much.

    My thoughts are like this. I hope i can continue without even thinking about it and without counting days as a normal way of life.

    See you later my fapstronout friends.
  2. jinihendrix

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    congrats bro, but really, you need to get your smoking under control or else you wont last long enough to enjoy the benefits of noFap.

    Get a vape, its not the same satisfying feeling but it will help alot in reducing your smoking of cigarettes. try to only vape, reduce the strength of the nicotine in the vape over time, then quit completely if you want or just vape a bit to keep your mouth busy.

    3 packs a day is way, way, way too much man.
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  3. congrats on 90 days fella! nice post ! yah ,step by step we will get there !
    Living a life without pmo
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  4. SirErnest

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    Great work.
    Get a vaping device, and even try 0% nicotene. It worked for me-I no longer smoke.
    It seems that people often have multiple addictions, so try to replace the unhelpful ones with good ones.
    I have not achieved my aims yet with nofap, but I am now doing many positive things that I didn't do before, such as jogging/yoga/weights, reading, meditating, learning an instrument and having cold showers.
    Good luck!
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  5. Well, what a story, and success! Congratulations, i really appreciate you sharing your story and it is very encouraging to hear that, it makes keep going on and moving forward in my nofap journey.. However , if i understand you are at the "what now!?" moment where you've fought, reached the top (90 days challenge successful), and you ask yourself what now? It is an eye opmening question and i think only you have the answer to that, this is the moment you have to go after your dreams, pursue your passions, build a life that you've always wished for, open that business, get that promotion, grab that dream job, anything that you really wished for truly, but also realistic.. these are even greater challenges than the 90 days challenge, these challenges will push you through to your full potential and to what you can offer to the world, to your friends, to your family, and most importantly to yourself... You have kicked the virus, but now its time to rebuild
    And create the life that You Really Want
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  6. Oh and t
    Oh and about the Smoking you need to work on that, smoking addiction is just as bad as PMO and it will limit your potential. You need at least to be the one controlling the smoking, not the smoking controlling you
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  7. i totally misread the title and thought it said it was your 90th birthday, i was like holy shit a 90 year old doing nofap.
  8. Plows

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    Same haha
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    Same. I had to click on this too!
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  10. blackbritishguy

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    I have a success story I'm on day 112 of NoFap i had sex it was the first time i ever cum during she gave me a hand job and I was shocked that I cummed .I only had sex four times.
  11. Nice going man ! Chewing tobacco really helped me to quit smoking :)
  12. Minnesotan

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    One addiction for another? Lol
  13. Mate you better quit now, if you want to live long enough to see your grand children.

    I hardly used to smoke two cigarettes till last November. But smoking just two a day, had a huge effect on my health and appearance overall.
  14. Congratulations, that's one hell of an achievement!

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