Today was harder than usual.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Paper, Apr 26, 2019.

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    So right now I am visiting my hometown ,I am in my natural habitat, my room etc, no roommates like in uni, so I was sitting today alone in home and the urge came like a train, soooo strong it even got me kinda high, I could even focus on my essay, I was fighting against opening a P tab, I went outside for a walk, it helped, but when I returned, it got worse, so I was holding on till 6pm so I can go to the gym, I was even thinking about skipping gym and just relapsing, but NO , I stood my ground and went to the gym, when I returned home from gym, urge was gone, I felt so good, bro called me to go outside, so we went for a drive, listened to music, sang, talked about life and it was so great, I am really happy that I didn't relapse, because I wouldn't enjoy that moment if I did, life was so beautiful when it is evening, your fav music is playing and you just surf with your hand through the air from open window at the sunset. Stay strong guys.
  2. Way to get yourself outside and then to the gym! It's those little battles over time that will win the war. Proud of you man!
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    That's huge man! Good luck
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    Very inspirational post. Makes me never want to relapse again. Good job bro!
  5. JustOnePair

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    Good job! Way to fight!
    I found if you're writing essays or working from home, it is really good to go to a cafe once in a while. Good to have people around and the impossibility of opening up a P tab. We still need to stay and resist in our "natural habitats" though too, else they become an associated bad place. When I started working from home I slid big time. but it is where I gotta work, so gotta kick that! Go team!
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    That's good man. Inspirational to me. Keep going!

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