Told my girlfriend about my PMO life

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  1. I'm coming from a place in the world where sex is less talked about. And masturbation is like a taboo to talk about except a few educated people.

    Now I have had weak erection and prematured ejaculation for a while of course due to PMO.
    I have always thought of opening up to my Girlfriend about it. But I know she won't see me like see has always seen me AGAIN. Out of nowhere I told her. Of course I didn't make it like some sort of emotional time. She backs this idea and is supporting me to go for it. (quiting)

    But now that that is out of the way I feel like I'm getting closer to winning.

    To win you need

    1. A plan. Urge management, withdrawal symptoms and post withdrawal sysmptons plan.

    2. New controls e.g sleeping times, phone usage limitations etc.

    3. Renewing of yourself and your mind. (very deep shit) including self confidence, exercise etc.

    4. Last but not the least accountability partner. And opening up to a loved one like I did with my girlfriend.

    Now I need an accountability partner. I want to be texting him, and even calling sometimes and we will be discussing our progress and helping each other through urges.
    Anyone I tersted should send me a private mail.
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    Glad you got support man, in my experience the longer I went without porn or masturbation during my last relationship, the more I was into my partner, which lead to better sex. Good luck man! :)
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    I have had the same issue. I didn't get an erection the other day in bed and told myself it's time to stop. I have done this shit for far too long and need a reboot to regain control over my life and goals. I am planning on creating some routines (for example a sleeping routine, a gym days/time routine etc..) to make it easier. I would love to be your accountability partner but it would be cool if we are on similar timezones so we can text in a case of an emergency :)
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