Told my wife that i am afraid she will leave me

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Henr2020, Jan 13, 2021.

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    Hey guys funny thing yesterday. I was beging my wife so i could go down on her.
    And she said she wasn't interested then we started to talk about our past problems In life and then i told her i am scated all the time that she will leave me if am not able to get her pregnant in the next 40 days.

    I just want to say i am so stressed, on my drive back home, i daily cry my heart out.

    I also try to stay away from my mom, who i am afraid will ask me how my sex life is going.

    Everyday i just fantasise about killing myself.

    Also the semi hard erections i used to get are gone.

    I am just so sad, i don't want to kill myself. Please god i dont want to die.please help
  2. Henr2020

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    I was just talking to myself and we agreed that yes our wife will leave us no problem. We are going to enjoy the time we have then. We will blow our brains out.:)
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    It may feel like there is a big cloud over you right now but that's never the solution. Just take a step back and try to get some perspective. You can work through anything and it will get better, I assure you.
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    No woman is worth suicide over.
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    Don`t beg and act needy. Women hate that

    Very needy behavior. Don`t do it

    Just stop PMOing and do research on internet if something else would be cause of your ED (which can happen becouse of stress, lack of sleeping, worrying that ED will happen which leads to ED, depression) and so many other causes. Do research about your issue and work on fixing it and it will be fixed

    And stop acting needy. Leave all that you seen in hollywood movies bullshit and disney where it belongs - in movies. Reality is way different. Females are totally opposite in real life of what you seen in hollywood movies. Stop caring what she says and guess what, go flert with other girls. If you have a social media, that is great. Have some good time with other girls, make some pictures with them, you will see how your wife will go crazy and beg you to not leave her

    That is how reality works. Leave hollywood movies bullshit and disney where it belongs - in movies
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