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  1. I will turn 22 yo tomorrow on 7th of Nov, 2019.

    After years of failing , relapsing and breaking down I have finally decided to evolve myself to my full potential. Porn and Fap addiction have directly as well as indirectly hampered my progress in every way possible like

    1. Social Awkwardness and Anxiety
    2. Lack of motivation to achieve something
    3. Lack of self love and love for closed ones
    4. Slightly depressed and easily frustated
    5. Near no proud achievements I dreamed of as a kid
    6. Inability to interact with girls without objectification
    7. Over thinking on smallest of issues
    8. Fitness issues and increasing body weight
    and I could continue the list on and on and on.

    From tomorrow I have set up a process that will take me approximately 7 months to completely transform myself into a whole new individual. I put all my knowledge and know-how into this process and the process begins tomorrow.

    Good luck to you guys too. Go become what you have dreamed of cause I am soon gonna be a legend . Try and catch up with me.

    Peace .
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    Brilliant idea! remember to be adaptive if some bits are not working, and celebrate the bits that do. Always good to reassess goals now and again while developing to make sure the things you wanted when you started are still the things you want. Happy birthday for tomorrow! :)
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  3. Thank you and yeah I will keep that point in mind. Good luck to you as well.
  4. Happy birthday. I wish you the best during next year of your life.

    Be honest with yourself, do not try to turn yourself in to a superhero, not only because super heroes struggle as much as we do but they also fail just like us humans.
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    Next level dedication ! Good luck
    Happy birthday and best wishes
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