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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by calistenicshype, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Hello guys, just like to share something.

    Tomorrow is my presentation for a project I have been doing for the past 3 months. (I am currently a college student.) Have seen people posting benefits of clearing brain fog and better mental clarity. Generally speaking, I would say I have improved confidence, but not so certain about mental clarity. I have rehearsed and practiced my speech multiple times for tomorrow. It seems that I am able to make my presentation more coherent, through my video recordings. I would say my expressions are more lively than in the past. Hopefully, I am able to follow through for tomorrow. I suffer from social anxiety and during past presentations, I would always feel fucking nervous. This time I am going in with the mindset of ignoring what the audience (examiners) think of me and just focus on presenting well.

    Tomorrow will also be Day 60, which is my 2nd milestone. Glad that I am able to make it this far through willpower and trying to develop some good habits. Still a long way to go though. The urges and temptations are still alive and around me. Loneliness at times make it worse too, but I try not to give in to those thoughts of resorting to PMO.

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    Congrats man! Knock the crapn out of the presentation tomorrow!
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    Glad you feel this way man. Good luck with the presentation :)
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    Good work! I am looking forward to reach the 60 day milestone in a few days myself. Much have changed but I think I am going to wait before I write my success story. I still have a long way to go before I have a healthy mind.
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    Hey Calistenicshype!

    How did your presentation go? It's a great feat that you managed to pull of 60 days while working on a project that could potentially overwhelm you and push you to PMO in due process. Great job! I consider the NoFap community a unique place for men who are developing themselves. You have gained the mental clarity too, I suppose for example recording yourself presenting and improving on it is an excellent way to become a better communicator. I recommend you "The quick and easy way to Effective Speaking" by Dale Carnegie if you want to improve your presentation skills for the future.

    Thank you for sharing your achievement!
  7. Hey, appreciate the support!

    Just reached home. Long day in school today. The presentation went extremely well. I was able to handle my anxiety and maintain a calm composure throughout. After the presentation, I was quite surprised with the mental clarity and confidence that I have exhibited. Another thing that I found useful was to not care about what other people thing, though it is not easy to do since we are social creatures. But I did my best and I don't regret it. Haven't feel this way for a long time. But I am not going to be complacent and try to continue to become a better communicator. There is still much room for improvement. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Good job man! You are not just tackling the porn monster but also addressing your social anxiety. Fear of public speaking in one of the most common phobias, by conquering that you are giving yourself confidence that will help you with everything. All that and 60 days! You are the bomb man, tomorrow is my 60 and your story just gave me some strength. You go man!
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    My anxiety, especially with regards to "preforming" in one way or another in front of a class is something that has really kick-started me into seriously quitting. The idea of simply being free of so much unnecessary anxiety is such an exciting motivator. Thanks for the inspiring words. Congratulations on hitting it out of the park!

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