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Too Much MO Isn't Possible?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Humility|Empathy|Courage, May 20, 2019.

  1. So, I'm confused. I googled things like "too much ejaculation" and "how does ejaculation affect mental health" and .... I must've read like 7 or 8 articles that all said, "it does not cause harm to the body. It's perfectly natural and safe". These were credible sources too, Webmd, Psychology Today, and so on.

    But lately, when I've PMO'ed, I get this really shitty disoriented, anxious feeling going on, and it kinda messes with my sleep for a bit. I associated it to PMO, but now I'm wondering if it's just the porn part of it.

    My question is, in your experience, do things like depression and anxiety come from porn consumption, or do you think it's moreso from actual ejaculation?
  2. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    The new "sex positive" ideology is completely messed up. Of course there's "too much ejaculation", and it's connected to masturbation, because fundamentally masturbation is the abnormal and the unhealthy thing.

    Ejaculation from orgasm is extremely different from ejaculation from masturbation, it spikes prolacting 400% more than masturbation does. Prolactin is a hormone related to sexual satiety, among others. That's why you can masturbate much more than you can have sex. Well, that and the Coolidge effect.

    Depression/anxiety etc come from masturbation, if it's to porn it will be even worse.
  3. Awesome question. It's really interesting to note that yeah, the scientific community at large doesn't regard sexual abstinence as being beneficial, but for those who experience problematic behaviour from the porn/masturbation/orgasm cycle, the difference is night and day when they begin abstaining.

    TBH I first approached nofap through spirituality, and the amount of philosophical and religious literature directly concerned with the benefits of sexual abstinence or moderation outdates modern scientific methods by thousands of years... Heh, I don't really care what science says about this, I'll plead willful ignorance on this one as in my mind, the evidence is there in the behaviour and revelations of those who make the decision to enact meaningful change in their lives, with abstinence being a key part, but not the entirety of their goal.

    I do wonder if these studies are based on the idea of masturbating vs. not masturbating alone as a control- the key difference, I think, with secular Nofap and the spiritual approach is that personal change is a key part of it. It seems to work best and become sustainable when people develop a solid plan for improving their lives to go alongside it... That would be very hard to control for in a scientific environment.
    There's very likely only a negligible physiological effect from the act of ejaculation alone, but involve the entire mind/body/spirit complex and that's where people are reporting profound changes, even if they aren't 'spiritual' types.

    For me, porn use was a symptom of unaddressed sexual trauma and a pervasive sense of loneliness. That has definitely resulted in anxiety and abject depression, but I can't say that it was the sole cause. Abstinence, even with MO at the start, is causing a major shift in my self-perception. It's quite fun and awesome to know that I'm on a secret mission alongside what, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide?
    One of my last masturbation experiences was as such: Wake up. Masturbate around 11am. Retire to couch. Spend rest of day between couch and outside for cigarettes. It completely whacked me, there is nothing else I did which could have caused such lethargy. I really don't need to keep pushing and prodding it in my own mind, I'm convinced that this is the way of the future for me.
  4. our media is facked up
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  5. bfdet

    bfdet Fapstronaut

    You'll certainly find a lot of folks that have a lot of opinions on this. Some believe "no problem", others, "big problem". There is certainly also some disagreement on what circumstances are problematic. Some view virtually all O as a problem, others, no problem with most O.

    So, Not just MO, but PMO.

    Certainly the P part of PMO is a problem. P does nothing good. It has no positive or redeeming qualities or benefits. So, at least get rid of the P part !

    and about the MO ... well, different opinions from different folks ... and THAT debate and discussion could continue forever. I'm not advocating an approach for you. Only you can truly decide and determine whether there is a place in your life for MO. Listen to other's opinions and views, but ultimately, its your decision.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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  6. ^ This guy knows what's going on :) Great post bfdet!

    If I had a printer, I'd make a hard copy of that and put it on the fridge :D
  7. Truedjinn

    Truedjinn Fapstronaut

    Stop trying to justify that pmo is a good by looking for resources that counteract what you already know.

    P is bad. If your mind is healthy, rebooted and reset then maybe MO does nothing bad for you. It's the motive behind it that hurts.
  8. AlexWillDoIt

    AlexWillDoIt Fapstronaut

    Hey man, so, my thought about ejaculation and masturbation have nothing in common with religious believes but “scientific” proofs. It is natural, it is healthy, masturbation is the first step to get to know your body and the pleasure it can give you, even preparing yourself for the moment you Sto arrivando! Going to be with an other person.
    The problem starts when masturbation/ejaculation becomes compulsory, when it starts to become addictive and starts to mess up your daily life, when you think of every possibility to masturbate. And when porn comes in the problem goes even deeper. As addicts we try to rewire our brain and body to a natural habit, being one day able to masturbate when you effectively are so horny you’d explode but without looking at porn ore thinking about unrealistic scenes you’ve seen in porn. Just you and your body. Just you and another person, feeling with your body and not with your eyes and images/videos.
    Hope I could help and get you another point of view.

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