Too much time, too many thoughts

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by endmystery, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Hey everyone ! Wanted to share my experience with you : I'm approaching week 3 of NoFap (I'm 27, male) and what I realized so far is...I have now a LOT of time to think...perhaps even too much time...
    I understood I used P for years as a way to distract myself from the fear of thinking about my future, my plans, the risks I should be taking ect...I was basically using P as a sick habit as one would watch series, play games to spend time. To feel comfortable and not face the fear of the unknown and the decision. Being not a series addict, nor a compulsive gamer and having stopped PMO, I have now a whole lot of free mental time, perhaps more than I ever had. It could be the time of my life where I'm most free of distractions and suddenly all the thoughts are pouring in like rain in a storm. And believe me it's scary as hell.

    What should I do now ? Am I not wasting my time ? I have a feeling of urgency, I fear I am not engaging all of this newly found energy into some sustainable long-lasting project. I have several music projects but it still is not enough and I need to think about earning a living. Why am I not investing my money and time like others ? I quit my awful corporate job 6 months ago and took a job in an escape room to support myself. But it's far from a perfect situation, the pay is bad and I work only at nights, having no time to socialize. I don't see many people these days. I feel lonely. I fear time, I have too much time. I wish I had no time to think. Has anyone experienced this sudden free space of mind ?
    Wishing you all the best, my friends,