Too much too soon?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Kyle8884, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Kyle8884

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    I'm a little worried that I might be trying to do too much all at once.

    I am doing the cold shower challenge. I'm on day 23. I want to do hard things to make progress in my life.

    I signed up with a personal trainer. He pushes me hard. On my second session two days ago I ended up gasping for breath on the floor, and I had him worried.

    I signed up with a counselor/therapist. I ended up sobbing in his office yesterday and was exhausted by days end.

    Last evening I went to a church men's Bible study for the first time.

    This evening we will go out to eat with a man and his wife to discuss buying his business. I've always been an employee so this would be a big change.

    At 2:40 AM I'm awake and sleepless. I wonder why?
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    Sounds like you are being too hard on yourself.

    Up at 2:40 am in not good. Maybe only use caffeine in the morning???

    I would encourage you to make some schedule adjustments.

    Be as kind to yourself as you would to any other person.
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  3. Kyle8884

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    After using porn last evening, I decided that today is the first day of the rest of my life, free of porn. For me, to repeatedly fail is a statement not about the power of pornography, but of my self image. I apparently view myself as a weak, immoral person. That isn’t who I am. I am strong, determined, and honorable.
  4. hollyman

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    What ur strategy on defeating this demon anyway? Seem like u do cold shower, personal trainer like its not ur strategy just following this group good habbits, ???

    Well what i see are,,, cold shower or gym is a good habbit but u must have ur own strategy too and not everybody had a same strategy, u must look what triggers you, what time u ussualy watch it, why you watch it...from therr you made a strategy

    For example : i ussualy watch porn on my the strategy is i install app that block every website and google search fot that matter...and then i go to the gym to fill that empty time (left by porn)
  5. James02

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    Great job so far. Don't stress yourself & cause a relapse! Be sure to play, fun, enjoy life while you develop new activities!
  6. lolos

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    Focus on what is very important, achievable, and the most beneficial to you first(most bang for your buck). I would say that would be sleeping consistently, eating enough food and good food and lifting, in that order. Once you can sleep the same time everyday, get to they gym consistently and eat well for a week or two, start adding more stuff like cold showers, meditation, nofap. If you can do all that stuff already that's great, but if you find yourself doing all of it for a few days and failing, just focus on the basics for a while.

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