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  1. cereal_lover

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    Over many months, I have been interested to know the various tools which can be deployed in order to retain for an extended period of time. The challenge is when the sensation reaches its peak. How do you abstain from several spiraling thoughts that start to occur?

    Can someone share the various ways of abstaining? Especially when the sensation is at its peak?
  2. hewm

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    1. get an accountability partner
    2. report daily on the nofap forum
    3. don't even peek at porn or anything erotic
    4. put your phone far away when you go to bed
    5. build positive habits
    6. craft your physical environment (i.e. clean your room)
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  3. cereal_lover

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    Hi there!
    Thankyou So much for replying! I'm here to confess that after 12 days I relapsed and I am feeling gutted and miserable. I am in a very important phase in my career and yet I do these things!
    I swear I'm gonna take this issue by its horns and achieve NoFap for 90 days target..
    I will do that!!!!
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  4. WantsToQuit2021

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    The thing is, it's like the this thought experiment:
    Pink elephant.

    Now try not to think about it.

    It's hard right? it spooks in your head.

    Porn is the same thing, the more you think about not thinking about it, the more you are aware of it.

    That's why people usually succeed when they get new hobbies and habits to keep them busy. They don't think, I don't want to think of porn, they think about whatever they are busy with.
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  5. Beekind

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    Take charge of your brain.
    Relapses are good, because they teach you about yourself.
    The ultimate goal is to know yourself.
    Know your triggers ( they are never external).
    Keep your body and mind in perfect shape.
    Good luck.

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