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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by got2stop, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. got2stop

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    Hi, I really like the NoFap forum & enjoy endlessly scrolling through all of the threads, but the big banner at the top of the page has started to make it really annoying.

    Yes, I've closed it - but because the banner uses Javascript to detect the cookie (which is run as/after the page loads) it flashes up, moves the page down, then everything jumps up again on my screen. It's even more problematic on a mobile device.

    I see the forums are run on PHP... If you put in a very simple PHP check to look for the cookie it will run before the page is loaded & the end-user will never face the problem of the banner flashing up for a moment then closing & skewing the whole screen.

    I hate to complain as I really like the forum, but when you're looking through LOTS of posts each day it really does start to become a bit of a pain.
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    yeah it's preety annoying because the banner is big and it takes a lot of space. It's like forcing US to donate. I have no money and I dont want to see that big banner. I came here to interact with forum members not to see that banner.
    at least minimize the banner and dont make it big. make it like this if you can

    yeah just like the "your security settings do not ...." warning bar.

    that would be great and less annoying
  4. got2stop

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    Wow this is so coincidental that you just replied. I literally just came here stressed about PMO and that stupid freaking banner is back again even though I've closed it 5 million times already. I was just about to come back to this thread and ask for updates as it's SO ANNOYING.

    I used to enjoy this forum and really want to continue, but honestly I'm getting fed up of that thing moving my screen up and down all the time.

    Also, in hindsight, I'd have probably donated to be honest... But the fact that I feel like it's forcing me to just makes me want to not bother. It's like a money > user experience situation.

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