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Tracing the cord back to the wall

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Basecamp Recovery, May 22, 2021.

  1. Basecamp Recovery

    Basecamp Recovery New Fapstronaut

    To understand where I am I have had to go on a deep dive to explore just how I got here.

    For me, it all started with the top shelf magazines.

    The year is 1997, the internet wasn't a thing in the home, a year later its believed 9% of homes in the UK had the internet so in the porn spiraling fap terms of today it was a prehistoric.

    Aged 13 and my life revolved around football (soccer for those across the pond) video games and not being the kid in school with the worst haircut.

    My curiosity about women and in particular their nakedness had led me to the pages of a newspaper supplement, inside this was a few pictures of Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) from a pre pop career photo shoot. I had smuggled it out of the trash and hid it under my mattress, this couple of pages was my first stash.

    I think in the process of house cleaning and changing bedding the mother had spotted this and obviously thought the boy is at that stage, rather than the "chat" they probably thought we cant let the boy comb the bins or pinch the newspapers. (Papers here in the UK would have a page 3 model back then so topless women would be the first thing you see in a newpaper)

    Instead of the chat I get home one evening to find my scrunched up magazine had been taken. I noticed under my bed a bag, inside was the jackpot! Club, Mayfair, Penthouse, Just 18 to name just a few.

    Obviously the Porn Fairy isn't a thing so my parents probably thought they were helping me out at that age where boys will be boys.

    This was my first encounter and like so many people I thought this is cool, but this stash hidden under my bed has evolved and changed with time and tech.

    It remained something that I wouldn't talk about nor see as a real problem for quite some time.
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  2. Is funny how some people don't get addicted and some people do. Maybe we are born addicts. Kinda feels that way. I dont know the statistics but let's say there is about 100 million people but only 0.1 percent get addicted. That means that only 100 thousands people out of 100 million people are addicted. That means we are the unlucky ones. Is hard to accept that fact but thats something im finally accepting at 38 that im just not normal than the rest of the group. I dont see pmo addiction as my downfall anymore. Is just the fact that I got addicted to pmo and is a shameful thing for me. What if I would have gotten addicted to heroin that would have been much worse. Society looks down on porn addicts in my opinion but I dont care what society thinks anymore. Now that im older im just realizing that porn just doesn't work for me anymore. But I will always be addicted and I need to remember that. Thats a great story on your post it really reminds me of how I started on porn myself.

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