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    In order to be successful at trading , you need to master 3 components :

    1-Analysis : there are 2 main methods of analysis , fundamental analysis and technical analysis , nowdays most people go through technical analysis , its much easier but fundamental has also its own benefits

    2-Money Management : without it you will not make any money

    3-Personal Psychology : This one is the most important and difficult one to master and its somehow related to NOfap , thats why we are talking about Trading here in

    There are lots of websites and books and youtube channels , just remember do not pay for any courses , there are everything you need free online

    The most easiest places to start is very easy language , its probably the best for starting up

    Also i recommend this youtube channel , the guy has a long exprience in the markets , like 20 years and in my opinion he is a professional

    Youtube channel : UKSPREADBETTING
    go to the playlist section of the channel , you will find free video courses from starting up to professional

    Good Luck
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  2. maseh0012

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    I remember It was the first year of my trading career that the movie " Wolf of the wallstreet " came out

    in one of its scenes the boss told Leonardo Dicaprio that do you masturbate ? you should masturbate daily in this job , everyday before work

    and i was so so naive that i believed it , i was an amatuer trader at the beginning of the road and i thought Yes , this way my psychology would be fixed for the trading day , so i masturbated everyday , maybe twice a day

    and you definitely know what happened , i fucked my trading and my life both

    the truth is that masturbation doesnt just work with trading

    if you want successful trading you MUST Do semen Retention or at least Nofap

    And this is hard truth about trading that they dont talk about anywhere
  3. maseh0012

    maseh0012 Fapstronaut

    One of the good benefits of doing Nofap that nobody really talks about is " Patience "

    and Patience is a key for trading

    im not a professional Fapstronaut but ive found whenever i fap a lot , i get into such rush . to just trade , i search the charts for just an entry
    no matter what

    but when i dont fap for 4 or 5 days i become a goddamn patient day trader

    i wait for the best signals , if there is no signal for the entire week , thats no deal , i wont trade the whole week
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    I trade my streak for 2 Km of copper cables.
  5. KenzooM

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    Hey! Hello there! I'm a trader also but I don't have as much experience as you have. I started trading 2 years ago after finishing some trading courses. But did NoFap influence your trading? You know, I'm able to control my mind when trading and that's a "feature" that I gained while being on the battlefield. At least one got damn positive thing from that coursed war.
    I was even able to evolve a bit in trading. I'm at the CFD stage. Have you tried it? It's pretty awesome and it has some features which asset trading doesn't have. You should try this way of trading also. If you want to, start with my Investous broker. They'll provide you with all the needed information.
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  6. maseh0012

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    hey , glad to meet you . nofap has a absolute positive influence on my trading . im not a very old Fapstronaut but im an old trader . if you can control your mind that very good . of course you can bring your successful mindset from somewhere else and bring it to trading . but you better read some trading psychology articles as well , because there are many tips and tricks to overcome hard times in trading , when you have 3 or 4 losses in a row . and also do the nofap , i believe if any trader does nofap , he has gone 50% of the road to the success
  7. goliaph

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    Hello everyone. I am an experienced trader, this is my full time job. I am trading since 2014, so I have really rich experience in that area. I agree that this is very important to be confident in that job, you always have to take brave decisions. This job requires a lot of knowledge and discipline, and that's why I would recommend every novice to be very careful and learn as much as you can about trading before spending real money. The first step that you have to do is to choose a broker, and I would really advise you to try Fondex Forex Trading, because it's one of the best trading platforms in the world. It's really good and trustworthy. This is actually very important. Be very careful, because there are a lot of fake platforms on the internet.
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    Those 95% of losers treat trading like a casino, rather than a business. 5% have a good work ethic, knowledge in trading, experience, and good money management.
  9. marekasap

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    I was trading like 12years ago and i stopped after CHF put stickcourse to EUR. Lost all of my profits and half of my deposit. Stopped couple months later.

    I waited for such a crisis 10 years... but i missed it in development. Now when we are at the bottom of it i already did some purchases.

    Lost on OIL 8K USD
    I have couple good positions on FX and currently in development
    Bought good stocks and wait to recover untill they regain 50%

    I will be focusing on OIL again and FX adding after rebound.
    STOCKS are good and i need to give them a second try. So far its ok and just need patience.

    Nofap giving anybenefits? I cant tell... but because NOFAP released me a lot of time i focused on trading again! I want to give trading about 2hours a day hoping for constant small profits for future.
  10. willistrong

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    Hi, dude, I am a cryptocurrency trader and I am trading since 2018. it is the third year already. The first years were very unlucky. Firstly because I was a beginner and I didn't know the system and secondly because I chose a wrong very unclear and not very hones trading platform. I was hurrying and didn't choose it accurately, but I had to. When I understood that I started searching for a good exchange with many currency pairs. It was a very modern online exchange OQEX. Since that time work went alright. I have no stable income and I got retired from my job as a manager in a hotel.
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  11. marekasap

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    so how its going with crypto? Pips collected? :)

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