Transforming impulses from seeing attractive people

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Stichting, Aug 15, 2020.

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    When you have an urge* or get some reaction when you see an attractive woman or man**, it would usually be processed in a way that is more familiar to us. As you all know in the first case it could be either directly acting upon it or ignoring it or trying to use it for another activity. This* case is addressed already often here before so I wanted to revolve about the 2nd case**.

    When you are seeing a woman or man irl, whether only in view, walking past, or during some interaction (one to one or both part of a group), it can occur that you get some impulses. Those can vary from something sexual to more romantic, or some frustration. Usually the way it is dealt with is either interacting with that woman or doing nothing. The latter can result in more frustration.
    But the main point of my post is that I'm experiencing that there's a third way that's even way better than the first. It's hard to explain and I myself am still working on a way to understand my experiences and then put them in a more understandable format for others.

    What I can say is that in my experiences, the girls seemed to notice that I was on no PMO by their body language, one time a girl standing next to me at the bus stop was literally constantly throwing her hair to me while others could see it. So now the trick comes, at that moment I know that I don't have to react back or be frustrated about it, but instead can take the good out of it, which is her attention and knowing that she wants your attention and maybe more.

    So imagine when you have trained this enough and then go walk outside in a busy place, the process above can be dome in abundance and you'll feel amazing. But don't see this as a way of leeching others, it is actually processing energy what others (woman for most of us) already activated in you, on a better way.
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    not very full proof plan........
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    Yes I think this is like appreciating beauty and interest instead of arousal.

    This can be a good stepping stone while one is working up the confidence to approach women. It can recharge your energy, and make both people feel good.
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